Profession Day – Pre-Nursery

A community needs multiple people to help it to function well and make the world a better place to live in. Educating children from the early years about community helpers and the kind of roles they play in our daily lives is highly important. With the aim of stimulating the learners’ curiosity, creating awareness and enhancing their social development skills, Pre-Nursery learners celebrated ‘Profession Day’.

Learners were cutely dressed as various professionals – doctor, nurse, policeman, soldier, etc. They spoke a few lines about the professional/community helper they were dressed as and their outfits and use of props/tools added to their understanding of the work done by the respective community helper. The tiny tots collaborated in teams through the day to reflect upon the need and importance of community helpers/professionals and show gratitude and respect towards them.

The motive of celebrating this day was to help learners build confidence to present and learn to respect those who contribute to society every day.