Project Chirag

Our IBDP learners were given a wonderful opportunity by ‘The Project Chirag Foundation’ to raise money for installing solar-powered lights in villages. At that moment, since Navratri was around the corner, our learners seized the opportunity and organized the event “Dandiya Dhamaal” which was a huge success. All their planning and hard work had been fruitful, not only had they raised enough money for the cause but were also able to organize a very enjoyable day for everyone.

However, it didn’t end there. Last Saturday, they were off to Dahanu to install the solar lights. After a brief workshop, they set off to the houses which were deprived of electricity and were able to cover 45 houses with the help of some technical labourer.

Their interaction with the villagers was truly an enriching experience. It’s no surprise that people living in urban areas and cities tend to take simple things like electricity for granted, while the reality is that electricity isn’t a simple thing for everybody.

Organizing and executing the Dandiya Dhamaal was a blast, and the opportunity to help the cause they were working for made it more so, but at the end of the day, nothing was as satisfying as seeing the smiles of the villagers brighten up with the lights.