Reggio Emilia Approach to learning

Ms Shubhra Irani, the Head of the Pre-primary section conducted inquiry sessions with Senior Kg learners in the last week of August 2019; revisiting the concept of Forest Habitat done in Quarter 1. The session was conducted in the Expression Zone which involved an action song- ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’, an inquiry atelier on animals in the forest habitat using the Reggio Emilia Approach to learning and introduction to a Thinking Routine – I see….I think…I wonder. The learners were energised by the choral active singing, they enjoyed free exploration with the materials catering to their curiosity and they also reflected their thoughts through words and creativity using the thinking routine. The power of ‘inquiry based teaching and learning’ is in the expansion of ideas and seamless co-construction of knowledge through interdisciplinary connections. Here’s a glimpse of the session.