Senior Kg Graduation day

Tiny tots with tiny toes……. all dressed up in purple graduation hats and robes! Our Senior Kg learners stood tall and proud on the ‘Graduation Day’ which was held on a Friday evening in school.

The graduation day started with a bang as our learners put up performances for their parents. Senior Kg Otu learners did a live performance of playing the djembe(a musical instrument) to rhythmic beats in sync with one another. Senior Kg Ekam, Uno and Ena learners showcased their progression through the Nursery, Junior Kg and Senior kg section through dance performances. And then we had all of them come together for the finale. Thereafter, it was time for our graduating learners to receive their certificates from their homeroom teachers and class parents. Each learner marched onto the stage, while the homeroom teachers took a quick minute to share an attribute of the learner with a photograph showcasing what the learner wants to become when he/she grows up. The parents were surprised and happy to know about their child’s dream. Once the parents left from school, learners enjoyed many games and activities planned by the Pre-nursery, Nursery and Junior Kg teachers. After indulging in lots of play, the learners relished a delicious meal for dinner with their peers and then got ready in their colourful night wears and pyjamas for the long awaited overnight stay in school. The learners were shown a movie whilst lying down on the mattress next to their friends with their pillows and blankets. They fell asleep slowly after talking to their friends about their exciting moments and sharing their feelings. We could hear them gossip and giggle as they had lots to share. The overnight stay was an initiative towards making the learners more independent, responsible and confident.

The learners were woken up early next morning to do some fun exercises and yoga guided by the teachers. After having a healthy breakfast comprising of vegetable sandwiches and bournvita, the learners packed their bags, taking care of putting all their belongings in and went back home with their parents at around 8.30 am.

The year has almost come to an end and the learners have made cherishable memories and strong bonds of friendship as they move from Kindergarten to Grade I. We’ve watched the senior kg learners grow and change each day in a better way. We hope that the learning goes a long way. So it is with happy memories, we send them good wishes with great hopes and expectations for a bright future ahead.