Senior Kg Transition day

The transition from Kindergarten to First Grade is a big one and may seem intimidating to parents and kids. In order to familiarize our Senior kg learners with life in Grade I , Transition day was scheduled for them. On this day our Senior Kg learners experienced the process of transitioning to a higher grade thereby spending a full day at school.

Learners experienced the difference between their own Senior Kg grade and the first grade. They were given to understand that they would be attending full day school next year and will have additional responsibility of undertaking tasks on their own. Our grade I teachers planned the entire day as per the grade I schedule. Worksheets, storytelling sessions and various games were planned by the teachers in a way that our learners spent the entire day, learning and having fun.

After having the pleasure of spending a long yet productive day in grade I, learners were picked up by their parents at 2.00 p.m. and we could see them share their feelings animatedly with their parents/guardians while going back home.

It was a fun filled day for our Senior Kg tots who observed and experienced a day as a Grade I learner.