Theatre Carnival – Alice in wonderland

The ‘Theatre Carnival’ this year was special for us, as our learners presented a story that is one-and-a-half centuries old and yet continues to inspire countless films, paintings and stage performances. It was also special because we chose to take a page from Alice’s world and celebrate her amazing voyage along with our learners. At JBCN, we believe that when you concentrate your attention on the process, you discover more and learn faster, which always has a happier outcome. The camaraderie, team effort, practices, acknowledgement and celebration of uniqueness is truly what the carnival is all about. Our production this year was a celebration of a child’s curiosity, courage, imagination and belief in the impossible. ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ remains a relevant and much-loved tale even today, The show was run by the learners, right from writing dialogues to rap songs, from managing production to designing the LED backdrops, our learners managed it all and they sure made us proud. Here is a tiny glimpse of the carnival for all of you.