Theme presentation – Grade 1

The theme presentation has always been a platform for learners to demonstrate their learning to the parents through fun games and activities. The broad idea of the Grade 1 theme presentation was classic fairy tales. There were various activities put together for the Stories – Jack and The Beanstalk, Alladin, Jungle Book, Cinderella, and Owen. Learners were grouped into different learning stations and each station represented the central idea beautifully. Mixed ability groups were put together to make their own script, practice dialogues with the least involvement from the teachers. The class was done up using their ideas and was very child-centric. There were activities such as measuring the beanstalk, symmetry, growing a plant from beans, spell beans, climb the beanstalk activity, making a bed sheet out of waste, just to name a few. Grade 2 buzzed with excitement as the dates of the theme presentation grew near. Learners were excited to get the opportunity to lead their entire presentation right from planning to execution of it to the décor of the class. They discussed the 3 units of inquiry i.e. health and well-being, migration and energy and divided themselves into 3 groups based on their interest. They reviewed and revised everything they learnt, planned and brainstormed activities that linked the central ideas and subjects. The activities include word search, art and craft activities, cooking activities, sorting Hindi words, recognizing the Marathi words, songs, races, dance and much more.

Parents were happy to see the learners speak about their learning confidently and appreciated the efforts taken to plan the entire presentation.