Transport set up day – Nursery

Transport set up day was organized for Nursery learners through various displays, with an aim to recapitulate the theme of Professions and Community helpers and understand the different modes of transport used by them for different purposes. The learners were inquisitive and curious about everything around them. The facilitators dressed up as various community helpers – traffic policeman, ticket collector, air hostess and sailor. Learners were engrossed in active learning through the colourful and attractive ambience in their classrooms. There were different set ups as follows:

1)Nursery Ena was set up as an Airport, where learners learnt about a passport – an official document issued by government and an identity card to be carried at the airport . They also learnt various details such as the security check-in, immigration counter, baggage allowance counter, different types of restaurants at the airport such as KFC, McDonald’s, rules to be followed, etc.

2)Nursery Ekam was ready to set and go on their toy vehicles with ‘Roadways’ set up in the class by following certain rules explained by the facilitators dressed as a traffic police and a fireman. The learners were asked to inform their parents about the safety precautions to undertaken while travelling – use of seat belts while driving, wearing a helmet, following traffic signals and keeping the surroundings clean. There were many plants kept in the class to help them understand the concept of Clean Mumbai Green Mumbai and planting more trees.

3)Nursery Otu was set up as a Water transport space, where learners were introduced to different kinds of water transport such as a boat, submarine, ship, yacht, etc. The teacher who was dressed as a sailor explained what a control tower was and gave them a ride in a makeshift ship as learners themselves expressed themselves singing – “Row, row, row the boat”.

4)Nursery UNO had their classroom transformed into a railway station. No matter what age a person is, most of us are fascinated by trains. Our goal for this was for learners to not only gain knowledge of the railway station but also understand the process in which the functions of the railway station. The facilitators created props such as the train, tickets, goods/cargo trains, stalls on the platforms. There was artificial paper money to help learners understand the usage of money for certain things. The learners were explained about security check, tickets, sign boards, different types of trains, following the instructions of the announcer on the railway station, adhering to time, cleanliness, etc.

It was a vast concept, however through the displays, learners could understand and ask curious questions for higher learning in a fun and playful manner. Teaching preschool learners about community helpers connects them to their neighborhood and offers them hands-on experience. It teaches them to appreciate the people who work daily for our needs and also equip learners to do some specific age-appropriate chores to help their family at home. Here’s a glimpse of this enchanting learning experience!