Senior KG learners got an opportunity to experience a reflection session on the entire Quarter 1 unit of themes through a Visible Thinking Routine – KWHL. ‘K’ stands for what a learner knows, ‘W’ stands for what a learner wants to know more, ‘H’ stands for – how a learner can learn more and find information, and finally ‘L’ stands for what a learner has learnt about the different topics covered under the ‘Central Idea – Our Living World’ in the thematic sessions. The Visible Thinking Routine strategy not only helped learners to promote a deeper understanding of the content taught to them throughout the quarter, but also to understand how they can think and learn. Harnessing the power of KWHL strategy helped learners to boost their literacy skills, focus on their own learning and to foster critical thinking. It helped facilitators too, to curate the most engaging, interactive and fun lessons. On the whole, such learning strategies always ignite curiosity and interest and promote personalized learning.