What’s Your Book Quotient?

The much talked about What’s Your Book Quotient? – WYBQ? 2018-19 an Inter-JBCN book reading quiz for grades 2 to 7 that featured reading a variety of books by different authors and different genres fostering a love for literature delivered over a period of several months has finally found its winner.

We take immense pride to share this news that What’s Your B.Q? 2018-19 trophy was awarded, once again, for the second consecutive year to JBCN – Parel which was shared with JBCN Borivali as the 1st place was a tie. Questions included in the finale were based on Theme, event, characters, visual clues, audio clues and rapid fire and buzzer rounds all of which made the learners very enthusiastic and kept them on the edge.

Team Parel, gave it their best where giving correct answers was concerned and were neck to neck with team Borivali throughout the quiz. We saw the nervousness on the faces of our learners change to excitement and then enjoyment as the rounds proceeded. Team Parel gave an outstanding performance in the buzzer rounds and played it in the most controlled and impressive manner not giving other teams any opportunity to answer.

It was a moment of pride to see how well prepared and confident our learners were! All in all it was a wonderful experience and we are sure that each one present there have surely taken back home a bag full of memories!