Workshop for learners – Life-Skills

The learners took off on their holidays with exciting memories from a life-skill workshop to mark a happy ending to another wonderful academic year.

While many people stop thinking about how to tie things once they learn to knot their shoelaces, having the knowledge to tie a multitude of different knots is actually pretty useful for a number of reasons. Grades VI to VIII learnt how to tie several rope knots giving them the advantage to:

  • 1. Make a secure leash for their pet
  • 2. Be able to put up a swing for themselves or others
  • 3. Be able to secure sail ropes on a boat
  • 4. Be able to learn the art of tying down tarps over loose outdoors items before a storm
  • 5. Able to secure luggage and other items to the roof of their car

Learning to tie knots will help them to strengthen their fingers and improve agility. The idea was to introduce them to activities that would stimulate their mind and help keep their brain sharp and its functioning strong. Apart from tying knots, they also built tents, which was not only fun but also very competitive since the task was considered complete only when each group had dismantled the tent and packed it again in its cover. While building tents the learners were required to do a lot of movement like crawling and bending which are extremely crucial for a healthy development since they help coordinate the brain hemispheres. In addition, tent building allowed the learners to strengthen their fine and gross motor skills.

They learnt the art of making a house / tent with basic material available (of course ready-made tents are available but what if you are stranded?)The workshop also promoted a bonding time amongst the learners. All in all it was a day in the wild!