World Water Day Initiative

In keeping with the theme of “World Water Day” that is celebrated on 22nd March, our grade II learners undertook a pre-activity of providing 400 litres of potable water in earthen bottles to underprivileged children and families living in the slum area near the school.

We also had 2 of our grade II learners along with our Principal Mrs. Debika Chatterji going live on-air today with Radio City to speak about our sustainable development activities in connection with the theme. Learners spoke confidently about various practical tips to mitigate water wastage. They also stressed on the importance of saving this important resource which is Life.

While everyone was contributing, pledging and doing their bit on saving water, our little learners of Grade I left no stone unturned. They not only penned their thoughts on how they can save water but also went around the school sharing their valuable thoughts with everyone.