Youngest Author in India

“Big Things often have Small Beginnings” this quote has been proved true by our learner Ayaan Kapadia from grade 4.

With extreme honour and pride we announce that Ayaan Kapadia from grade 4 has been officially declared as “The Youngest Author in India” by the INDIA BOOK OF RECORDS. The publication house approved of the story and loved the content, hence decided to publish a proper book with illustrations. His book is presently in printing and shall be out soon. His name will be displayed in the record book and their website by the end of this month.

Ayaan has also been nominated for having finished writing a story in the shortest period of time, that is three days. The paperwork for the same is ongoing and once all approved by the jury, Ayaan will hold one more title in the book so…one more feather in his cap and ours too. We wish Ayaan loads of Success & Good Luck!!