IGCSE School result

We have often heard it said:

Behind every success is effort, every effort is passion, Behind every passion is the courage to persevere

Academic year

Our pioneering Grade 10 batch has done us proud with the amazing feat they have achieved in the 2018-19 IGCSE Examination.11 learners took the IGCSE Examination conducted in June 2019 and in the overall performance in various subjects, the learners secured a total of 34 A* and A (80% and above). We are very happy to share the results with you as we see our achievers blossom into better learners and independent thinkers!

A snapshot of our 2018 – 19 Results:

  • 100% of our learners secured all As in French as Foreign Language (June 2019) and Hindi (March 2019)
  • 78% of our learners secured A* and A in Business Studies and Economics
  • 67% of our learners secured A* and A in Mathematics.
  • 5 Learners were eligible for the ICE (International Certificate of Education) of which 3 received the highest award of Distinction and 2 were awarded Merit
igcse school result oshiwara