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Meet Our Principal

Mr. Stephen James Tumpane Principal JBCN Oshiwara

Meet Our Principal

Mr. Stephen James Tumpane is the esteemed Principal of JBCN International School, Oshiwara, boasting over 25 years of international experience in education management. Known for leveraging cutting-edge educational technology and fostering innovative practices, he excels in strategic planning, team building, and quality assurance.

Currently pursuing a PhD in Education, Stephen is dedicated to lifelong learning and driving transformative change. His passion for creating thriving educational environments ensures every student has the opportunity to succeed.

Mr. Stephen James Tumpane
JBCN International School, Oshiwara

Academic Structure


The Pre-Primary section of JBCN International School, Oshiwara has an environment which is conducive to learning and where learning takes place effortlessly. The Early Learning Years Programme creates a unique and engaging environment and our programme employs the best of international methodologies.

The fundamental premise of the Pre-primary section is to hone the innate curiosity and uniqueness of every child through multiple opportunities for exploration and experiential learning.

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Teacher at JBCN showing blue soft toy and book to pre primary students


JBCN International School, Oshiwara offers the IB - Primary Years Programme (IB-PYP) for Grades I-V, aimed at helping learners to develop their understanding of the world around them and become individuals with a global mindset.

The programme facilitators work to make learners independent, responsible and self-aware. They help learners set self-goals and take ownership of their learning while laying the foundation for academic success for secondary years and beyond.

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Students practising curriculum activities at primary school in mumbai


The Secondary School curriculum encourages learners to think critically and creatively through an inquiry-based curriculum and apply knowledge and understanding to both familiar and new situations providing the right balance between a rigorous academic curriculum and a wide range of co-curricular activities to promote the development of well-rounded, responsible citizens of the world.

Our unique mind-body-soul programme enhances abilities as well as skills and helps learners build a strong curriculum vitae towards university applications. The programme is flexible, influences outcomes and develops cultural awareness.

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Teacher teaching science lessions to secondary school students


In the higher secondary grades (Grade XI and XII), we offer the IB Diploma Programme that prepares learners through a rigorous academic programme for acceptance into national and international universities. The core focus is on the development of time management and study skills, project design and presentation, and written and oral communication skills.

We continually strive to encourage learners to research, discuss and debate real-world issues from an international perspective while remaining rooted in the Indian ethos. The programme facilitates the provision of career counselling, and coaching for both national and international competitive entrance examinations to courses of higher education.

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Teacher teaching their students IBDP lectures in school

What does an EduCreative School look like?

What does an EduCreative School look like?

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Congratulations To IGCE Learners At JBCN International School Oshiwara
JBCN International School Oshiwara IGCSE Results
Our School Topper In IGCSE Results - Nishka Bhartia
Learners who have secured the highest rank in IGCSE Results
JBCN International School Oshiwara IGCSE Results
JBCN International School Oshiwara IGCSE Results
Topper Of IBDP Results Oshiwara - Nisarg Banda
Top IBDP Results Oshiwara - Nisarg Banda
Oshiwara IBDP Results - Dia Bhojwani
Top Learners In IBDP Results Oshiwara - Tvesha Somani

University Placements

Bennett University
Krea University
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john hopkins University logo
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University Of Toronto
Imperial College London
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Boston University
University Of British Columbia
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S P Jain School Of Global Management
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Kings College
Univeristy Of Manchester
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Learners' Achievement

Congratulations To Our Learner Achievements - World Scholar's Cup

Awards & Recognitions


Unique Classroom Engagement Initiatives award by Education Today


Mumbai School Ranking Survey 2020 Done by Mumbai Government


Mumbai School Ranking Survey 2020 Done by Mumbai Government


Unique Classroom Engagement Initiatives award by Education Today


Mumbai School Ranking Survey 2020 Done by Mumbai Government


Mumbai School Ranking Survey 2020 Done by Mumbai Government

Parent's Perspective

Meadsilia Rodrigues

It's not only me, I know his classmates, whose mothers, who also spoken to me, that they love their teachers a lot. The method is different. It makes it enjoyable for them. And that is why he loves his school. He loves learning. And I think that happened. It's not like, do I have to go to school? It is, I want to go to school.

Gauri Pradhan Tejwani

The sports has always been I think a positive about JBCN. They give a lot of importance to sports. It has been a really holistic development for my kids in JBCN. I think they have tried robotics, music, sports, swimming, dance. There's so many options available.

Gurdip Punjj

my daughter has become big, well educated and also responsible thanks to JBCN. And with IB board I can see that even I'm learning along with my kids, you know. There's so many authors that I didn't know about and my kids come with books and I'm reading to them and when I am learning they have so much of research to do where even I am getting to know so much about what's happening in the around the world.

Pooja Shukla

I feel hands down this is one of the best institutes around here. And the way everything is conducted in this school is just so thoughtful and so beautiful and so positive. That you want to send your child to such a lovely institute where every little thing is taken care of very thoughtfully.

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JBCN International
Congratulations to JBCN International School, Oshiwara's Grade VI learner Saksham Loonker, for outstanding All India Scholarship Math Examination performance! 

The Institute for Promotion of Mathematics awarded him a Certificate of Merit and a cash award. Your dedication and hard work in mathematics are truly commendable. Keep shining, Saksham! 

#JBCN #JBCNOshiwara #LearnerAchievement #MathWhiz #ProudMoment #Changemakers
JBCN International
Congratulations to JBCN International School, Oshiwara's alumnus Mahika Singh! After taking a gap year to pursue her passion for dance, Mahika's hard work and dedication have paid off. She has been accepted into the American Musical and Dance Academy, where she will continue her learning journey in New York and later in LA.

We wish her the best of luck and look forward to welcoming her back to campus to share her adventures with us.

#JBCN #JBCNInternationalSchoolOshiwara #JBCNOshiwara #Changemaker #JBCNAlumni #ProudMoment #DancePassion #FutureStar
JBCN International
Our JBCN International School, Oshiwara's IBDP batch of 2024, is on a roll as they continue their record-breaking streak. Their class average score is 37, as opposed to the global average score of 30.32. Also, 66.67 of our learners are top scorers, with over 62.2 percent of scores being 6 or 7 out of 7.

We are incredibly proud of our Changemakers and would like to thank their parents, mentors, and teachers, who are equally responsible for their success.

Keep rocking!!! Keep shining!!!

#JBCN #JBCNInternationalSchoolOshiwara #JBCNOshiwara #Changemaker #IBDP results 2024 #ProudMoment #IBDP #FutureStars

Blog Corner

Turning Pain into Power - Aum Sonnenblick JBCN International School, Oshiwara
April 22, 2024

Turning Pain into Power

I came into this world with an insatiable curiosity. My brain was a Porsche, always accelerating toward knowledge.

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JBCN Inculcates 1st Century Skills By Shalaka Rao
Jun 1, 2023

JBCN Inculcates 21st Century Skills

The International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program (IB PYP) pedagogy has inquiry at the core of learning.

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Skills Vs Exams By Rhea Rodrigues
Jun 2, 2023

SKILLS vs EXAMS – the fight for competence

To get an insight into this question, let’s go back to a simpler time when we studied with just one single aim

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Equal Opportunity To All Learners
Jun 3, 2023

Strategies to provide equal opportunity to all learners to grow holistically

Six years ago, I started my journey as an educator by teaching early years in a non IB curriculum school.

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Tips For Raising Critical Thinkers
Jun 4, 2023

Tips For Raising Critical Thinkers

The disciplined process of analysing facts, information and making informed decisions based on the analysis is called ‘critical thinking.

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Teacher Empowerment
Jun 5, 2023

Futuristic Role of a Teacher towards Empowering the Nation

A school system can never be any better than the teachers teaching in it, if you want to start a revolution in education, make it happen

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  • What makes JBCN International School in Andheri different from other schools?

    JBCN International School is one of the best international schools in Andheri where academic learning is complemented by a world class infrastructure, a strong co–curricular program which includes sports, theatre and creative art, leadership opportunities in different fields.The assessment process at JBCN serves as feedback of learning rather than just testing with an emphasis on experiential learning. As a school for the future, they make use of innovative and learner centered strategies in the curricula design. The blend of experiential learning and technology in the homerooms help in creating an undisputed advantage in a student’s holistic growth.

  • Mission: Our progressive learning environment nurtures the abilities of each learner through innovative pedagogy, personalised learning pathways and meaningful engagements. Our EduCreative experiences focus on developing the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and attributes that our learners will need to thrive as future leaders and catalysts of change in an ever-evolving world. By instilling a deep sense of social responsibility, we strive to shape compassionate global citizens who actively contribute to creating a more just, sustainable, and harmonious society.

    Vision: We are committed to providing transformational learning experiences that empower our learners to become Changemakers and global citizens who actively lead positive, progressive change.

  • JBCN International Schools implement the best educational practices and draw upon an array of resources aimed at supporting global learning through the IB ( Authorized DP and PYP) and Cambridge curriculums.

  • The school provides an optional bus service to the learners within a 7km range. The routes are designed to ensure that the travel time for children is minimised to the extent possible. Each bus has a lady attendant and is equipped with CCTV cameras and GPS. Parents receive alerts once the child reaches school every morning and at the time of departure from school at the end of the day. The bus routes for this international school in Oshiwara is within 7kms that includes a nearby area of Andheri like Versova, Lokhandwala, etc.

  • JBCN International School – one of the best schools in Andheri has many accolades and awards to its credit. To mention a few of the most recent achievements-
    1. Awarded 'Phenomenal Implementation in Pedagogy' at the Global Educators Award 2019
    2. Received the 'Best International School' for Innovative Practices and Techno Smart school at the Brainfeed School Excellence Award 2019
    3. Awarded the 'EdTech Savvy School of the Year(West)' at the EdTech Review School Award 2019
    4. Ranked the Top International School in India for providing 'Individual Attention to Students' at the India School Merit Award 2019
    5. Ranked 3rd in India for 'STEAM Education Excellence' at the Education World Grand Jury Rankings 2019

  • At JBCN the co-curricular programme is an integral part of the EduCreative Process. We have a combination of in-house and external experts who conduct a robust co-curricular programme at school and introduce the learners to a wide array of skills from a young age.

    The co-curricular programme is broadly categorised into Sports, Creative and Performing Arts and Social Outreach with varied activities and events.