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Message from Our Chairperson

“Education goes
beyond knowledge…
it is a
journey of life”

Mrs. Pinky Dalal
Founder & Chairperson
JBCN International School

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EduCreating Changemakers

JBCN educationists always believe that they are not just educating but EduCreating. At JBCN, EduCreate is the mantra and the driving force behind our planning. The EduCreative Programme looks at every child's academic, creative, physical and emotional needs. The programme is developed thoughtfully with an innovative and compassionate teaching approach at its core.

University Placements

Arizona State University
Atlas Skilltech University
University Of Oxford
University Cambridge Parel
Berkeley University Of California
Imperial College London
Babson College
Binghamton University
Boston University
California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo
City University Of London
De Anza College
University Of Oxford
University Cambridge Parel
Berkeley University Of California
Drexel University
Durham University
Franklin Marshall College
Hult International Business School
Indiana University Of Bloomington
Iowa State University
Kings College
University Of Oxford
University Cambridge Parel
Berkeley University Of California
Loughborough University
North Carolina State University
Penn State University
Purdue University
Rotman School Of Management
S P Jain School Of Global Management
Sauder School Of Business
Syracuse University
University Of Oxford
University Of Cambridge
Berkeley University Of California
Temple University
Univeristy Of Manchester
University College London
University Of Bath
University Of British Columbia
University Of California San Diego
University Of California Santacruz
University Of Colorado Boulder
University Of Kentucky
University Cambridge Parel
University Of Massachusetts Amherst
University Of Toronto
University Of Washington
University Of Western Ontario
Virginia Tech

Awards & Recognitions


Parent's Perspective

Meadsilia Rodrigues

It's not only me; I know his classmates, and their mothers, have also told me, they love their teachers a lot. The method is different. It makes it enjoyable for them. And that is why he loves his school. He loves learning. And I think that happened. It's not like, do I have to go to school? It is, I want to go to school.

Gauri Pradhan Tejwani

The sports has always been I think a positive about JBCN. They give a lot of importance to sports. It has been a really holistic development for my kids in JBCN. I think they have tried robotics, music, sports, swimming, dance. There's so many options available.

Gurdip Punjj

my daughter has become big, well educated and also responsible thanks to JBCN. And with IB board I can see that even I'm learning along with my kids, you know. There's so many authors that I didn't know about and my kids come with books and I'm reading to them and when I am learning they have so much of research to do where even I am getting to know so much about what's happening in the around the world.

Pooja Shukla

I feel hands down this is one of the best institutes around here. And the way everything is conducted in this school is just so thoughtful and so beautiful and so positive. That you want to send your child to such a lovely institute where every little thing is taken care of very thoughtfully.

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JBCN International
We asked AI,
JBCN International
JBCN International School, Borivali is proud to celebrate the excellence of our 2023-24 batch of IGCSE Grade X.

The school has achieved 100% results, and we are proud of each and every of our 77 learners.

Our highest overall percentage is 94.5%
15 learners scored above 90 per cent
One learner scored A* in all subjects 
26 learners scored A and A* in all subjects 
Two learners scored 100/100 in Math.

Our list of learner achievements is long and our hearts are full! Congratulations to the learners, teachers and non-teaching staff and above all, to the parents—without your support, this would not have been possible.

#JBCNInternationalSchool  #JBCNBorivali #changemakers #igcseresults #10thresults
JBCN International
And it's a wrap!

Our mini changemakers of Sr. KG at JBCN International School, Borivali, had a beautiful Graduation Day. 
From selfie corners to parents giving graduation certificates, it was a memorable day. 

Upwards and onwards, our shining fireballs, reach for the stars!

#JBCNInternationalSchools #JBCNBorivali #Graduation #Changemakers
JBCN International
At the JBCN International School Parel's  Middle School Model United Nations (MUN) 2024 conference, 20 learners from grades V to IX of Sitaram Mill Compound School of Akanksha Foundation, accompanied by three teachers were invited to observe our learners actively engage in the conference.

The learners from the Akanksha Foundation absorbed the intricate procedures and took notes on research tips as well.

This cross-school interaction promises growth and learning for all involved.

#JBCNInternationalSchool  #JBCNParel #MiddleSchool #ModelUnitedNations #Changemakers #AkankshaFoundation
JBCN International
Bright and beautiful minds, excited parents, and motivating was a heartwarming day at JBCN International School, Parel, as we watched our Sr.Kg batch of 2023-24 graduate with much fanfare. Go on, shining stars...the world is your oyster! #JBCNInternationalSchool #JBCNParel #SrKg #Graduation23-2024 #Changemakers #shiningstars
JBCN International
Another exceptional year at JBCN International School, Parel, celebrating the grand success of our learners in the Cambridge IGCSE March 2024 examinations with a pass percentage of 100%, with 100 per cent of learners achieving A*s!

Our learners, Leaisha Patil and Nivaan Punamiya, have secured an A* with 100%, qualifying for the Cambridge IGCSE World Toppers in Mathematics. Janvi Kothari has also led with an A* with 96% in Hindi.

Kudos to every one of our shining stars who have showcased the power of individual dedication and hard work; go take on the world!

#JBCNInternationalSchool  #JBCNParel #IGCSE #March2024 #Changemakers #ShiningStars
JBCN International
Explore the gamut of options under the Cerebral Me vertical of JBCN Accelerator - the best afterschool programmes at JBCN International School, Oshiwara. Designed to fuel our learners passion, this programme offers a wealth of opportunities to stimulate their minds and ignite their enthusiasm.

Think STEM for Beginners, Abacus, science-based experiments  LEGO, coding, financial literacy, and much more to pique your brains!!!

Keep an eye out the registration details coming your way soon!

#JBCNInternationalSchools #JBCNOshiwara #JBCNAccelerator #FuelYourPassion #Cerebral #Whizkids #Changemakers
JBCN International
We are thrilled to announce that JBCN International School, Oshiwara has received the license to conduct the TEDx Youth at the school.

JBCN International School has always been at the forefront of lending a platform for Changemakers to be an inspiration to others and with this, we are glad to be, 'Elevating Youth Voices for Change!'

#JBCNInternationalSchool  #JBCNOshiwara #TedXYouth #Changemakers
JBCN International
Our fabulous batch of JBCN International School, Oshiwara's IBDP Class of 2024 is graduating!

Come, and be a part of their milestone moment on June 1, 2024.

#JBCNInternationalSchool  #JBCNOshiwara #changemakers #ibdpgraduation
JBCN International
JBCN International School, Chembur, is thrilled to share that our talented learners Kiaan Shah, Yuvaan Jain, and Azaan Curmally stood in the third place as a winning team on the LEGO Building Builder organised by World STEM & Robotics Olympiad (WSRO). The event was held at Thakur Ramnarayan Educational Campus, Dahisar, and amidst countless entries and an arduous deliberation process, our talented builders emerged victorious.

#JBCNInternationalSchool #JBCNChembur #Learners #EduCreators #LEGOBbuilders #Changemaker
JBCN International
We asked AI,
JBCN International
Embarking on a global collaboration, our Grade III learners of JBCN International School, Chembur, joined forces with Colegio Alemán Córdoba, Argentina, to delve into the intricate relationship between Earth's physical geography and human societies. 
Through an enriching cultural and geographical exchange, they gained invaluable firsthand insights into how different landscapes shape our interactions and settlements. They explored the rich tapestry of the two countries, fostering understanding and appreciation for the diverse environments that make our world a genuinely amazing place to live.

#JBCNInternationalSchool #JBCN #Chembur #JBCNChembur #Colegioalemancordoba #Changemakers #Argentina
JBCN International
We asked AI,
JBCN International
Happy Earth Day! 

On #EarthDay2024, JBCN International School pledges to reduce our plastic footprint, choose reusable options and pledge to protect our beautiful planet for future generations.

#JBCNInternationalSchool #JBCN #Reduce #Reuse #Changemaker
JBCN International
Good health is more than just a fit body, it is also about a healthy state of mind and spirit. On World Health Day today, JBCN International School urges you to prioritise health and to love yourself enough to lead a healthy lifestyle. 

#JBCNInternationalSchool #JBCN #WorldHealthDay #2024 #HealthyBodyMindandSpirit #Changemakers

Blog Corner

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Turning Pain into Power

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JBCN Inculcates 21st Century Skills

The International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program (IB PYP) pedagogy has inquiry at the core of learning.

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Skills Vs Exams By Rhea Rodrigues

SKILLS vs EXAMS – the fight for competence

To get an insight into this question, let’s go back to a simpler time when we studied with just one single aim

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Equal Opportunity To All Learners

Strategies to provide equal opportunity to all learners to grow holistically

Six years ago, I started my journey as an educator by teaching early years in a non IB curriculum school.

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Tips For Raising Critical Thinkers

Tips For Raising Critical Thinkers

The disciplined process of analysing facts, information and making informed decisions based on the analysis is called ‘critical thinking.

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Teacher Empowerment

Futuristic Role of a Teacher towards Empowering the Nation

A school system can never be any better than the teachers teaching in it, if you want to start a revolution in education, make it happen.

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  • What makes JBCN International School different from other schools?

    JBCN International School is one of the best international schools in Mumbai as it believes that every child is unique and gifted with exceptional talents, strengths and skills. To nurture these talents and skills, they have developed their EduCreative process which has a 3-dimensional approach i.e. Achieving Academic Excellence, Enriching Creative Experiences and Learning Beyond the Classroom. In addition to providing a well-designed curriculum through a variety of teaching-learning methodologies, learning at JBCN International Schools is further fortified through a robust co-curricular programme.

  • Mission: Our progressive learning environment nurtures the abilities of each learner through innovative pedagogy, personalised learning pathways and meaningful engagements. Our EduCreative experiences focus on developing the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and attributes that our learners will need to thrive as future leaders and catalysts of change in an ever-evolving world. By instilling a deep sense of social responsibility, we strive to shape compassionate global citizens who actively contribute to creating a more just, sustainable, and harmonious society.

    Vision: We are committed to providing transformational learning experiences that empower our learners to become Changemakers and global citizens who actively lead positive, progressive change.

  • IGCSE being a Cambridge board differs majorly from ICSE(national board) in terms of less focus on rote learning, percentages scored and examination. In IGCSE the emphasis is on a deeper understanding of the concepts being taught and on the individual learning journey of each child.

  • International Schools offer the IB or Cambridge curriculum which are international curriculums that support progressive pedagogy and application of knowledge and skills. The international programmes provide the children with an education that is more relevant to today’s contexts and the kind of skills they will need in the not too distant future. Also, IB and Cambridge qualifications are internationally recognised, and provide a solid preparation for study in the best universities in India and around the world.

  • JBCN International School – An International School in Mumbai has many accolades and awards to its credit. To mention a few of the most recent achievements of JBCN-
    1. Awarded the Most Innovative K-12 School by India Didactics Association 2019
    2. Ranked 7th Best International Day School by EducationWorld India School Rankings 2019
    3. Ranked 5th for the Best National and International Curriculum by Times School Survey 2019
    4.Recognised as one of the Future 50 schools by Fortune India 2018
    5. Ranked 7th for the Best International Curriculum by Times School Survey 2019