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“Education goes
beyond knowledge…
it is a
journey of life”

Mrs. Pinky Dalal
Founder & Chairperson
JBCN International School

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JBCN educationists always believe that they are not just educating but EduCreating. At JBCN, EduCreate is the mantra and the driving force behind their planning. The EduCreative Programme looks at every child's academic, creative, physical and emotional needs. The programme is developed thoughtfully with an innovative and compassionate teaching approach at its core.

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Parent's Perspective

Meadsilia Rodrigues

It's not only me; I know his classmates, and their mothers, have also told me, they love their teachers a lot. The method is different. It makes it enjoyable for them. And that is why he loves his school. He loves learning. And I think that happened. It's not like, do I have to go to school? It is, I want to go to school.

Gauri Pradhan Tejwani

The sports has always been I think a positive about JBCN. They give a lot of importance to sports. It has been a really holistic development for my kids in JBCN. I think they have tried robotics, music, sports, swimming, dance. There's so many options available.

Gurdip Punjj

my daughter has become big, well educated and also responsible thanks to JBCN. And with IB board I can see that even I'm learning along with my kids, you know. There's so many authors that I didn't know about and my kids come with books and I'm reading to them and when I am learning they have so much of research to do where even I am getting to know so much about what's happening in the around the world.

Pooja Shukla

I feel hands down this is one of the best institutes around here. And the way everything is conducted in this school is just so thoughtful and so beautiful and so positive. That you want to send your child to such a lovely institute where every little thing is taken care of very thoughtfully.

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JBCN International
Get a glimpse of JBCN International School, Borivali's Diwali celebration filled with love, laughter and cherished memories with beloved grandparents. 

Our primary segment crafted heartwarming 'Golden Bonds' events—from fun games to lively dances to photo booths and exploring stalls—we made memories of Diwali for a lifetime.

#JBCN #JBCNInternationalSchool #Borivali #Changemakers #Diwali
JBCN International
Psychiatrist Dr Harish Shetty, a leading mental health expert, visited JBCN International School's Grade X learners and parents. A distinguished professional in the field, he shared invaluable guidance on staying calm during board exams and enlightened minds with his expertise on mental health and well-being for a balanced approach to exams and life.

#JBCN #JBCNInternationalSchool #Borivali #Changemakers #MentalHealth #WellBeing
JBCN International
Join JBCN International School, Borivali's Grade X learners and parents in celebrating togetherness. 

Our 'Uniting Hearts' event was filled with games, laughter, and dances that captivated parents and learners. This inspiring initiative fosters connections that go beyond the classroom.

#JBCN #JBCNInternationalSchool #Borivali #Changemakers #UnitingHearts
JBCN International
We are extremely proud of JBCN International School Parel's grade IX learner Viana Parekh on publishing her first anthology of poems.

What started as a single submission of her poem on an online forum, blossomed into a published collection. Thanks to the unwavering support of the school and constant guidance of the teachers.

At JBCN International School, we believe in fostering dreams and nurturing talent. Kudos Viana Parekh for conquering the literary world, you are truly an inspiration!

#JBCN #JBCNInternationalSchoolParel #Changemakers #EduCreate #Literature
JBCN International
Fun, rides, food, games, repeat!!🥳

Can’t wait to see you at the JBCN Christmas Carnival at JBCN International School, Parel on December 16, 2023, 4 pm onwards.🎄

#JBCNInternationalSchool #JBCNChristmasCarnival
JBCN International
Kudos to JBCN International School, Parel's remarkable learners, for their stellar achievements in the judo competition. Ayan Chakraborty of Grade V, Kayaan Gala of Grade VI, Annika Jain of Grade IV secured first place in their respective categories.

At JBCN International School, we strongly believe in the role of sports in creating overall development for our learners. Congratulations to our champions—your courage and determination inspire us all.

#JBCN #JBCNInternationalSchoolParel #Changemakers #EduCreate #JudoAchievement
JBCN International
JBCN International School, Oshiwara's learners visited the beautiful city of Jaipur and immersed themselves in history and artistry. From visiting the stunning Amer Fort to creating masterpieces at a blue pottery workshop, constructing a DIY sundial kit at Jantar Mantar, and participating in cultural exchanges at a village school by sharing ideas and engaging in traditional games and activities, it was a holistic experience for our young learners.

The Ranthambore Safari further increased the excitement with vibrant wildlife encounters set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Aravali mountains.

At JBCN International School, every interactive experience fosters a sense of curiosity, creativity, and a deeper cultural understanding among the learners.

JBCN #JBCNInternationalSchool #JBCNOshiwara #Changemakers #EduCreate #JaipurJourney #LearningBeyondClassrooms
JBCN International
Marking a milestone in our decennial celebrations, Artopia 2023, a long-cherished dream of JBCN International School's management, came to life at JBCN International School, Oshiwara. The vibrant event, featuring dance, music, art, and theatre competitions, brought together students from all the JBCN schools, creating a spirited atmosphere of friendly competition. With 12 captivating events, our Oshiwara learners clinched the victory cup amidst stiff competition. We extend heartfelt gratitude to all enthusiastic participants for making Artopia 2023 a huge success.

#JBCN #JBCNInternationalSchool #JBCNOshiwara #EduCreatingChangemakers #Changemakers #Artopia2023
JBCN International
🔍✨ Enhance academic skills and create lasting memories with iLeap Academy! Join us at the JBCN International School, Oshiwara Christmas Carnival, on December 16 for an exciting blend of learning and parent-child activities. 

#JBCNOshiwara #JBCNChristmasCarnival #Christmas #Carnival #winterfestivities
JBCN International
We are thrilled to announce that our exceptionally talented Grade 2 EKAM learner, Samrat Jindal, has secured first place in the U/7 Category at the Fide Rated Open Chess Tournament held in Mumbai.
JBCN International School, Chembur is proud of his achievement and we wish him continued success.
#JBCN #JBCNChembur #Learner #EduCreator #Changemaker #FideRatedOpenChessTournament #ChessTournament #Mumbai
JBCN International
Embark on a journey of science and curiosity as our learners of JBCN International School, Chembur, Grade V, collaborate with the students of Indus International School, Hyderabad. 

The theme ‘How the World Works’ aims at the exchange of knowledge to deepen their understanding of electricity and magnetism, aligning their work with the UN Sustainable Goal No. 11, which emphasises creating inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable cities and human settlements.

Their innovative projects ranged from pyramid catapults and battery-powered helicopters to solar cars, sustainable city concepts, IR sensors, and windmills. They further investigated with our Head of Admin, Mr Ranjit Menon, on energy conservation throughout the school.

#JBCN #JBCNInternationalSchool #JBCNChembur #EduCreatingChangemakers #Changemakers #Science #learning
JBCN International
At JBCN International School, we believe every child has the power to be a Changemaker–a superhero, sans capes and masks–filled with kindness, curiosity, and a heart full of dreams. 

Happy Children's Day!

 #JBCN #JBCNInternationalSchool #Changemaker #EduCreating #HappyChildrensDay
JBCN International
Crafting a future for learners through holistic education, and nurturing skills that are essential to thrive in the ever changing world.

We are open for admissions for the Academic Year 2024-25!

#JBCN #JBCNInternationalSchool #Changemakers #Learners #EduCreate #AdmissionsOpen
JBCN International
Within the vibrant walls of our Mulund campus, we are focused on creating an environment that nurtures a diverse set of skills for our learners.

Admissions Open for the upcoming Academic Year 2024 -2025

#JBCN #JBCNInternationalSchool #JBCNMulund #Learners #EduCreate #Changemaker #AdmissionsOpen
JBCN International
At JBCN International School, we believe every child has the power to be a Changemaker–a superhero, sans capes and masks–filled with kindness, curiosity, and a heart full of dreams. 

Happy Children's Day!

 #JBCN #JBCNInternationalSchool #Changemaker #EduCreating #HappyChildrensDay

Blog Corner

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The International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program (IB PYP) pedagogy has inquiry at the core of learning.

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  • What makes JBCN International School different from other schools?

    JBCN International School is one of the best international schools in Mumbai as it believes that every child is unique and gifted with exceptional talents, strengths and skills. To nurture these talents and skills, they have developed their EduCreative process which has a 3-dimensional approach i.e. Achieving Academic Excellence, Enriching Creative Experiences and Learning Beyond the Classroom. In addition to providing a well-designed curriculum through a variety of teaching-learning methodologies, learning at JBCN International Schools is further fortified through a robust co-curricular programme.

  • The mission of the school is to nurture inquiring young minds through EduCreative experiences through unique and stimulating teaching approaches that incorporate the best of national and international curricula. The programme focuses on developing the mind, body and soul of every learner in order to create a life-long love for learning. Our learning experiences, while remaining rooted in Indian values, will enable them to become successful leaders and effective communicators who can adapt effortlessly to a culturally diverse and ever-changing world.

    The vision is to create tomorrow’s leaders who strive for academic excellence by acquiring knowledge through EduCreative experiences, and in the process, evolve into lifelong learners with a sense of conviction and commitment. We aspire to create responsible citizens who have an understanding of global issues and work for the betterment of the world community.

  • IGCSE being a Cambridge board differs majorly from ICSE( national board) in terms of less focus on rote learning, percentages scored and examination. In IGCSE the emphasis is on a deeper understanding of the concepts being taught and on the individual learning journey of each child.

  • International Schools offer the IB or Cambridge curriculum which are international curriculums that support progressive pedagogy and application of knowledge and skills. The international programmes provide the children with an education that is more relevant to today’s contexts and the kind of skills they will need in the not too distant future. Also, IB and Cambridge qualifications are internationally recognised, and provide a solid preparation for study in the best universities in India and around the world.

  • JBCN International School – An International School in Mumbai has many accolades and awards to its credit. To mention a few of the most recent achievements of JBCN-
    1. Awarded the Most Innovative K-12 School by India Didactics Association 2019
    2. Ranked 7th Best International Day School by EducationWorld India School Rankings 2019
    3. Ranked 5th for the Best National and International Curriculum by Times School Survey 2019
    4.Recognised as one of the Future 50 schools by Fortune India 2018
    5. Ranked 7th for the Best International Curriculum by Times School Survey 2019