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JBCN International School, Mulund’s Pre-primary curriculum follows a flexible framework that allows the learners to probe myriad ways of inculcating skills and understanding during their creative and exploratory learning progress.

The pre-primary programme at JBCN International School comprises Pre-Nursery, Nursery, Junior Kindergarten and Senior Kindergarten. The pre-primary curriculum at JBCN combines the best practices of internationally acclaimed curriculum models and pedagogical approaches.

Children experience in-depth learning through interdisciplinary thematic units. They actively engage in activities for empirical experiences across a thematic unit and learn through their own strengths and interests. The pre-primary programme is inquiry-driven and experiential, with an interactive approach to learning that applies innovative pedagogy with a focus on; personalised and differentiated learning.

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The Primary years at JBCN High International School, Mulund (Grades I-V), enhance the spirit of inquiry and emphasise on the acquisition of robust language skills, sound mathematical principles and the unfolding and understanding of scientific concepts. A custom-built curriculum deploys internationally recognised best practices and resources to deliver a programme aligned with international standards and benchmarks while remaining rooted within our country's values and education contexts. The curriculum is learner-centric and adopts an integrated approach. Learners are encouraged to connect across diverse curricular areas and can connect their learning to real-life situations.

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We believe in nurturing well-rounded individuals, equipping them to navigate the complex challenges of the modern world. Our curriculum is designed flexibly and innovatively to encourage learners to think critically, explore new ideas, and tackle real-world challenges from a global perspective. Our career counselling programme starts in middle school, helping learners identify their strengths and passions to follow their future ambitions. We have integrated elements of Mind, Body and Soul in our programme to build a holistic approach to education, developing academic abilities/skills and cultural awareness with a sense of responsibility to the broader community. We believe in the right balance between academic rigour and nurturing learner leadership, encouraging our learners to impact the world positively.

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Cambridge International AS and A Level

In Grades XI and XII, we provide an opportunity to pursue the AS and A2 Levels, which offer a comprehensive academic curriculum that prepares learners for admission to prestigious national and international universities.

Our programme emphasizes the development of essential skills such as time management, project design and presentation, and effective written and oral communication. Moreover, we foster a culture of critical thinking and encourage learners to analyze real-world issues from a global standpoint while staying connected to the Indian values.

We also offer personalized career guidance and coaching for both national and international competitive entrance exams to higher education programmes.

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University Placements

Arizona State University
Atlas Skilltech University
University Of Oxford
University Of Cambridge
Berkeley University Of California
Imperial College London
Babson College
Binghamton University
Boston University
California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo
City University Of London
De Anza College
University Of Oxford
University Of Cambridge
Berkeley University Of California
Drexel University
Durham University
Franklin Marshall College
Hult International Business School
Indiana University Bloomington
Lowa State University
Kings College
University Of Oxford
University Of Cambridge
Berkeley University Of California
Loughborough University
North Carolina State University
Penn State University
Purdue University
Rotman School Of Management
S P Jain School Of Global Management
Sauder School Of Business
Syracuse University
University Of Oxford
University Of Cambridge
Berkeley University Of California
Temple University
Univeristy Of Manchester
University College London
University Of Bath
University Of British Columbia
University Of California San Diego
University Of California Santacruz
University Of Colorado Boulder
University Of Kentucky
University Of Oxford
University Of Cambridge
Berkeley University Of California
University Of Maryland
University Of Massachusetts Amherst
University Of Toronto
University Of Warwick
University Of Washington
University Of Western Ontario
Virginia Tech

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