At JBCN, we believe in holistic education - therefore we have introduced an EduCreative Programme - which ensures that learners grow to become Changemakers of today and tomorrow. In today's global environment it is important to give learners the opportunity to develop their whole person and not just concentrate on one aspect. As a school for the future - we believe our children will be able to face our ever changing world.

Our Vision

We are committed to providing transformational learning experiences that empower our learners to become Changemakers and global citizens who actively lead positive, progressive change.

Our Mission

Our progressive learning environment nurtures the abilities of each learner through innovative pedagogy, personalised learning pathways and meaningful engagements. Our EduCreative experiences focus on developing the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and attributes that our learners will need to thrive as future leaders and catalysts of change in an ever-evolving world. By instilling a deep sense of social responsibility, we strive to shape compassionate global citizens who actively contribute to creating a more just, sustainable, and harmonious society.

Our Core

At JBCN, we are driven by excellence, innovation and creativity. The learners are at the center of all our planning and we are constantly striving to ensure that they are happy and are able to enjoy learning through EduCreative experiences.