Author Visits – Grades 3 to 5

Storytelling workshop by Lavanya Karthik

Author visits create a lasting impression on students. They build relationships between kids and the written word, inspire them to pursue creative endeavors, and connect lessons learned in the homeroom with the wider world. Our learners primary and secondary learners got a hand-on experience to draft their simple comic strip. Ms. Lavanya Karthik directed the learners to create their own superhero character and draft a simple comic strip on the same. She shared her experience of writing a book and also gave them a glimpse to the books that she has penned down. The learners were given a worksheet wherein they could illustrate their superhero and write pen down their dialogues for the comic strip.

Session by our learner, Ishaan Patel

There’s nothing quite like hearing about the behind-the-scenes process of putting a book together to engage struggling readers and generate interest in the creative process. Our young learner from grade 5- Ishaan Patel, recently conducted a mini session with our grade 3 to 5 learners. He shared with them, his experience of writing his first own book. The process of the same and how he decide to weave a story on that the genre he chose. Our learners were extremely excited to see our young author – he is truly turned an inspiration for our budding authors at JBCN Oshiwara.

Author visit by Ms. Katie Bagli

When an author discusses writing and the creative process, students connect with the written word in entirely new ways. Books become living things, not abstract artifacts, as kids identify with the journey from idea to publication as told by the human person who brought it all together. This generates an enthusiasm not only for reading more books, but also a greater variety of books. Katie Bagli an avid nature lover and writes for children’s magazines. She has several published titles to her credit, nearly all of which are on various subjects of nature by which she strives to bring about awareness and sensitize the young to the environment and wildlife. Besides writing Katie also enjoys illustrating her own books.

Ms.Katie Bagli visited JBCN and sharing her creativity tips with the learners. She will be presenting a puppet show and doing a story session with the Primary years.

Poetry workshop by Sakshi Singh

A renowned poet Ms. Sakshi Singh introduced the learners to her book Rat-a-tat poems and Jalebi jingles. She had an amazing interactive session wherein they were encouraged to make poetries in pairs or groups. She directed the learners to pick themes and write their own poems and they also recited them. The learners were extremely thrilled as they learnt a simple technique to develop poems in the most simplest way in a short period of time.