2 Students doing group study for their exams

Why Group Study Is Better Than Individual? / What Are the Benefits Of Group Study?

Sharing knowledge and encouraging one and another to study is one of the main features of a group study. A study group acts as a safe space for children by encouraging them to study while decreasing the chances of procrastination.

Children often have a short attention span. They end up feeling bored and stressed. A group study offers a livelier method of studying while helping and motivating the child to work harder. Many times parents are guided by the misconception that group studies end up as gossip sessions or result in zero productivity.

Read on to realize why group study may actually be more suitable for your child and what are the benefits of group study

Understand The Subject

When it comes to studying collectively, there is an overall increase in the chance that your child may understand the subject better. This is due to the positive influence of the peer group. Children will learn from their peers as well as indulge in sharing and creation of ideas, all this will raise the overall morale of your child and help him/ her learn more efficiently.


benefits of group study for student support A study group also acts as a security blanket for your child providing them with much needed mental support, especially when it comes to stressful study topics. A good support system that motivates and encourages is important to all individuals, young and old alike. So, it is important to ensure that your child is also backed up by a good support system.


Individual studying leads to wastage of time, boredom as well as frustration. Studying becomes easier when you can share common problems with your peers and can come up with collective solutions to counter them. When surrounded by friends who are all working towards the same goal it serves as motivation to your child to work harder.

New Study Habits

Rather than being in the same constant loop of studying, sharing space with peers will help your child pick up skills and study patterns that may help him/her to cope with the subject better. This will change the environment of academics and bring a change in the way your child feels about studying.

Fun way

Studying with your friends is fun and exciting Studying with your friends is fun and exciting. It breaks the monotonous routine. Interacting with like-minded peers is challenging and fulfilling at the same time. This makes studying an enjoyable activity rather than a draining one.

Different Perspectives

It is very important for your child to face challenges and situations in order for them to grow as an individual. A study group offers your child just that. By sharing space and knowledge, a child is introduced to new ideas, skills as well as other innovative ways of thinking. This ultimately helps your child to accept different perspectives and respect them as well.

Promotes Group Spirit

Learning with a group helps your child to understand how to be a better team player. Working and studying with different individuals helps your child to build team spirit. Having a competitive streak while at the same time exercising humbleness and responsibility is one of the key factors your child develops while having a group study.

The next time your child asks to attend a group study session, remember these benefits of group study and know that they are in good hands!

Written By - JBCN International School