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5 Trends To Look Out For Education In 2018

Dynamic, Forceful, Transformational – Education as a field is growing and changing and reinventing itself at a rapid pace to match the Information Age that we are so much a part of! The way we teach and process information has dramatically changed after the Google, Facebook, etc. have entered our sphere.

The trends thus also need to keep up with this tech savvy, millennial crowd and some of the biggest trends to look out for in 2018 are:


Self learning portals and learning at your own selected pace online. Learning new tools to improve efficiency, or study a new idea like data analysis, take a ‘Masterclass’ with Marc Jacobs on fashion or Speilberg on filmmaking is all part of our daily learning now, thanks to technology. Coursera, MITedX , Udemy, Khanacademy, and others – platforms for online learning in any course is far more interesting than before. One can not only explore new professions through this way but also get an exposure and understanding of various fields that interests you and alternatively build skill in any one field by taking more online classes within ones scope. Sitting in on MITedx classes or virtual classes from Harvard etc – is the way to go as one can be a part of top schools from around the world sitting at home! Learning from the best to be the best!

2) Skill Building

Now one doesn’t need to depend on purely securing a degree to find a job to be ‘Employable’, more and more the next big internship and job is related to ‘how skilled ‘ an individual is. For example – If you want to be in the Digital Marketing – the question is how good are you with graphics, what is your understanding of using Google Analytics, FB adverts and how to do SEO – Search Engine Optimisation – other than ofcourse knowing how to effectively use the tools of Instagram and FB to connect to the right audience.

It’s about knowing ‘Block chain ‘ for a banking job and AutoCAD software for Architects and Interiors or as much as understanding all the levels of ‘TALLY’ to be a competent accountant. Whatever the field it is necessary to know the technical language of that field such that It improves the efficiency and reach of the company.

3) STEM Related Programs

Coding for kids has become as important as knowing math or science. Kids as young as 4 have started to get a basic understanding through the free software by MIT MatLabs called ‘Scratch.’ More science clubs, innovation centres and even incubators to promote entrepreneurial ideas have sprung up in schools as well as in the work space. This is a big ‘hurrah’ for collaborative work. STEM related programs – in statistics, technology , engineering and mathematics are going to be trending in 2018.

4) Summer School Programs

High School and college is the time to explore new ideas and career options and also universities. Many students now opt for taking 2-3 weeks to do pre college summer at high school or summer programs during Degree College to get an international perspective and understanding of new methods of learning. India too is catching up as we have some great summer programs being delivered. For example – such as an IVY league school like Columbia Business School doing a two week summer program in Entrepreneurship and Global innovation at JBCN School in Mumbai in June 2018, summer programs in Ahmedabad, FLAME university, Doon School etc. Some students even opt to go abroad for a summer from Cambridge, St Andrews to Berkley – all are open to international students.

5) Travel And Exposure

Best way to learn is through experience and students are now travelling and gaining exposure to add to their knowledge and skills. Whether its travelling to universities ‘called Edu-tourism’ to decide on their future destination, or travelling at leisure to experience new places, new activities like adventure sports etc. more and more students are opting to learn through travel and some even take gap years to explore new ideas through work and ‘job shadowing’ or observer ships to understand their own interests better before jumping headlong into an educational path or career.

2018 promises to be exciting as the government of India as well is working towards new schemes to build world class institutions in various fields. New courses in fashion, design technology, Film making, animation, VR and Ai are giving students more options and avenues to explore. Multi- tasking is in and being ‘one dimensional’ is out. ‘Education for learning skills’ is in and ‘education for the sake of degree ‘ is out. ‘Exploring new ideas and application of information’ is in and ‘Studying by rote , for the sake of exams’ is out! Learning and growing is a continuous journey.
Sonam Moondhra
Director at Educabroad Counsulting
International Education Consultant

Seven Easy Ways To Beat Admission Anxiety

Beat Admission Anxiety

The Admissions Dilemma:

Admissions are a time of stress and anxiety as students grapple with reality of mark sheets and college lists that do not include their names. The advice to all parents and students, especially those joining Undergraduate degree programs, is that it is not the end of the world if your child does not get into the most coveted institution of your city.

There are plenty of colleges in the city delivering the same program, offering the same university degree as most colleges in a city are affiliated to the same university. The statistics report that there are enough seats in the entire university system to accommodate 90% of the high school graduates in diverse disciplines. So, do not panic.

Prepare Yourself Mentally:

Be wise and do not chase a particular college due to peer pressure, prestige or social status. These are very fragile and momentary symbols that are not worth the tears, the tension, or the stress of the admission process. It is important to realize that the first degree is not the end of the road, but the first step into the real world of competition.

Many opportunities, new pathways to success are ahead. Heartwarming stories from numerous professionals and entrepreneurs is that their success has often no link to their specific undergraduate institution but rather to their overall performance and ability to make the most of every opportunity. The truth is that an institution per se has almost no influence on things like future happiness, job satisfaction or even income and first salaries.

education trends in 2018

Here are Seven Easy Ways To Beat Admission Anxiety

  • Accepting reality is the first step to mental peace. Get real and accept that the marks are not going to change, nor is the competition going to reduce suddenly. The difference between first and last lists is barely two to three percent (sometimes less). Do not live in a dream world or wait for a miracle to happen as it just prolongs the anxiety and you may miss the achievable.
  • Look at other realistic course and college options, which match the academic profile.
  • Accept admission wherever you are a match as just holding a confirmed seat reduces stress and gives you a psychological relief. Most colleges will refund your deposit and return your original documents within four working days of request for withdrawal, in case you get a better admit.
  • Once you accept an admission, review it realistically in terms of the pros and cons of taking that course. An objective review of the choice in hand will help you realize that there is no difference in the academic program or course content from your first choice college.
  • Most important reality is that your desire for the extra –curricular features or the ‘crowd’ that is the differentiating factor of your coveted colleges can be achieved in several other ways.
  • You may be surprised to discover that your college too offers a range of activities and may give you more opportunities to prove your talent and leadership than a competitive scenario. In many ways, there is learning and confidence building in being among the achievers, taking the lead as a mover and shaker of any college.
  • Look around you and explore options to join clubs, societies, non-academic activities and vocational or hobby classes. Remember that the crowd you are chasing does not limit itself to the college alone. There are plenty of activities in a city that draw students from diverse colleges together, where you may mingle and make friends with diverse groups.
Author: By Dr. Pratibha Jain
Education Counselor