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Tips To Reduce Your Child’s Stress

Stress is a commonly used word, yet the outcomes of it are not so common. Not finding a pair of socks or a shirt that goes well with your trousers can also become a source of stress. Contrary to the popular belief, stress happens over trivial things too.

So, imagine what kind of stress our littles ones might be going through? In the current situation children are surrounded by adults more than their peers. When adults express their stress in different forms, even the children tend to pick up those anxious vibes and feel stressed. With online learning and assignments, their task too hasn’t reduced but increased as they are not physically present in front of their teachers to resolve their queries and doubts. Well, so what can we do as parents to reduce their stress and increase their productivity?

Here are some of the simple yet amazing tips which will help your child overcome the stress

1. Commencing The Mornings With YOGA/ MEDITATION

An early and right start to the day can work wonders for everyone. If a child learns to relax himself and focus on his thoughts and body, he will able to spend the entire day productively and efficiently. Yoga and meditation help in maintaining a healthy and positive disposition.

2. Create A Schedule For Them

Let the kids have a set routine just like how they’ve timetable at school. Make them understand the importance of time. They’ll learn to be organised and the chaos in their head about figuring out what to do next will also reduce.

3. Make Some Board Games

Come up with creative board games for your children. Play snake and ladder but set tasks on it. If they use a ladder, then they have to orally say 2 sentences using nouns. If a snake bites them, they have to write 2 sentences using verbs. Beehives can be made with numbers on it. Kids have to roll dice and whatever number comes, the task mentioned will be mentioned in each block of the beehive.

4. Indulge Them In Your Tasks

Let the kids help you in your petty day-to-day tasks. Ask them to arrange the spoons or the dishes according to the size, placing the mats on the table, etc. Allow them to be responsible for such minor helping around that they do. And don’t forget to appreciate or thanking them!

5. Grow Plants

What’s better than saving the environment and engaging your kids at the same time? Planting seeds and seeing them grow itself is a stress buster. Let them grow their favourite plants and note down the changes that they see every day. This will imbibe in the qualities like responsibility and caring.

6. Read Some Books

Nooooo! Ask them to read out their treasured stories to you. Listen to them. Ask them to summarise it. Let them discussion their special characters in the book. Brighten up their eyes by having a character parade where everyone dresses or makes up any one item relating to the character and mimick it.

7. Crafts Are Never Outdated

Start with some DIYs. Make origami of different animals, flowers, objects, etc. whatever pleases them. Set a goal of learning one new craft item daily. This is such an important skill. After a few days, may be they will start innovating. Quilling is also fun!

8. Sketch On A Patch

Help them to sketch their cartoon or characters from their favourite story books. Illustration will help in clarity of their thoughts and ideas. Give them some mandalas to colour using some great combination.

9. Take Up Their Studies

Revise some of their previous concepts that they’ve learnt at school. Make it fun by playing some online games in the light of those concepts. In this way, they will retain what they’ve learned and be prepared for their next academic year.

10. Time To Bond

Bond with your child. Ask them if they’re upset or excited about something. If there’s any change in their behaviour, talk to them. If there’s something that is bothering them, try finding solutions with them. Communication is the key.

Hope these tips were helpful to you! You may even come up with something better than this and it is because you know your kids better than anyone. Try knowing their interest and revolve the activities around their likes and dislikes. And any day as an adult, if there’s some stress over your shoulders, don’t have the repercussions on your kids. This will only increase their stress. If you want to discuss your problems with them, create a child friendly story and ask them about their views. You might receive the best reply!

Written by: Ms. Sakina Solanki
Grade 2 Homeroom Teacher
JBCN International School



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Posted on: Monday,2020,May,Mon