Dress up as your favourite animal day 18-19 – Nursery

The learners of Nursery Grade celebrated ‘Dress up as your favourite animal day’ in order to know about different animals and raise awareness of caring for animals. Many animals share their lives with human beings, help us, provide us with resources, love and companionship. This day created curiosity in the learners as they were dressed up in different animal costumes such as lion, tiger, elephant, monkey, etc. The learners were instructed to bring along a show and tell article based on the animals they represented. The learners were enthusiastic and participated whole-heartedly in the classroom discussion. They spoke about the animal they were dressed up as, made animal sounds and even walked like the animal. They also sang songs and rhymes related to the animal. All learners looked wonderful in vibrant animal costumes. Some of the costumes were even beautifully handcrafted by parents which was commendable.

The learners gained knowledge about the different kinds of animals, their uses as well as their importance in the ecological chain. It was an informative and exciting day for the learners. This activity which was based on the learners’ thematic unit – Animal Kingdom, helped them to build their confidence, understand characteristics and features of animals and improve oratory skills.