PASCH Jugendcamp 2021

Aayush Shah and Manushri Desai, our learners of the current Grade X batch were selected for a German youth camp – PASCH JUGENDCAMP 2021. The camp is hosted in Germany in which learners across India are chosen to complete a German language course by the Goethe-Institut. Although this year the camp was virtual, it was still a great learning experience for Aayush and Manushri, as they received a fully paid scholarship in the month of May-June 2021 for the language course. Here’s an account of their experience:

Manushri Desai: ‘A different language is a different vision of life.’ The PASCH Jugendcamp 2021 was an innovative 14 day program which helped me experience the essence of German! The topics inspired me to be environmentally-friendly and reflect upon my lifestyle, for example: ‘Zukunft braucht Energie’ and ‘Öko? Logisch!’. Not only did I learn new vocabulary and writing styles, but also polished my communication skills and confidence. I am extremely grateful for such an opportunity.‘Ein tolles Erlebnis!’

Aayush Shah: ‘During the summer vacation I attended a German language scholarship course affiliated with the Goethe-Institut. It was an extremely wonderful experience as I got to interact with a lot of different people. The camp also included learners from Germany and this facilitated us to understand a lot about how things work over there. The many topics discussed there pertained to the environment, education sector and energy. Thank you to the Goethe-Institut for the wonderful opportunity.’