The Quality Circle Time (QCT)

The Quality Circle Time (QCT) sessions, which we have begun this year, are a value adds to the relationship that our learners share with their HRTs and peers. Morning QCT sessions are an important time of the day because how we spend the morning can often tell us what kind of day we are going to have. It is great time for our learners as well as the HRTs as they get to interact and discuss various viewpoints and topics with each other. In the form of games, activities and talks the learners are imbibing certain important values like respecting others opinion, collaboration and teamwork. The kids come up with brilliant ideas and have a lot to share. We have seen even our quieter learners open up and share their views in this confidence boosting process. On the occasion of the 72nd Independence Day, the learners expressed their thoughts on what freedom meant to each one of them through a small activity in the QCT sessions which was then followed by a discussion. This gave the learners an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding on how fortunate they are to be born in a free India.