Pre-Primary School

Nursery to Sr. Kg

Areas of emphasis:

  • Combining an early learning years’ curriculum with CP objectives
  • Conceptual learning targets
  • Small, learner-centric classes, allowing teachers to attend to the specific needs of each learner
  • Learning as an inter-related process, addressing physical, emotional, social and cognitive dimensions
  • A range of pre-reading and pre-number experiences, laying the foundation to a more structured approach, as required by CP objectives
  • Facilitating the development of fine and gross motor skills
  • Fostering self-esteem, confidence and independence in learners
  • Emphasis on language development, communication skills, creativity and self expression
  • Ongoing reporting of learner achievement data to provide parents with continuous feedback

The Early Learning Years Programme creates a unique, engaging, learning environment. Our programme employs the best of international methodologies and is based on five areas of learning which converge towards our Mind Body Soul programme as illustrated here.
pre-primary school structure - jbcn international school