Spectacle dArt – The Art Fest

Each one of us is talented, but what is rare is the courage to follow it to the unknown where it leads….It is said that “The principles of true art are not to portray, but to evoke” and thus we see our amateurs morphing into Artists. Our learners’ creations are as natural as sunshine and as vital as nourishment. There is no fear in erring as in Art, every scribble is a beginning to a masterpiece. Each creation is a poem without words – played, splashed, crafted and moulded. At JBCN, we strongly believe that integration of Art with other academic subjects like Math, Science, History, Languages not only improves the quality of learning but also helps in boosting creativity and self-confidence in our learners. This year, at Spectacle d’Art, we showcased this creative integration in the form of displays, installations, book ‘tasting’ sessions, book art, photo exhibitions, Haikus and silent messages, a light and sound show depicting the Lal Qila and India’s freedom struggle, performing arts along with visual arts, Recycled Fashion – a parent-child competition and much more. Our learners dared to plunge themselves, expressed ideas through vibrant colours, explored dimensions and interpreted their creations. The live installation of teachers enacting ‘The Last Supper’ was a delightful treat to the eyes. All who were present were awestruck and thoroughly enjoyed the grandeur that culminated into a spectacular display of ART in pure form. Needless to say, the hardwork and effort of all the learners and teachers was much appreciated and applauded.