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8 Safety Rules For Children At Home

Safety Rules For Children
A child’s safety is always the biggest priority for every parent. With numerous cues in our environment that can potentially become a risk, you want to protect them from all possible hazards in the world. Even if you are extremely careful with everything you know, there could be things that you may miss out. But, there is no need to worry! We have compiled a checklist of 8 rules that will prepare you to protect your child from any possible harm, at all times.

#Rule1 – Keep All Inflammable Items Away

Always switch off the gas from the mainline and keep your child away from hot surfaces and items as they can cause high degree burns and in extreme cases, scalds as well. Water in the washroom should be maintained at an optimum temperature so that it doesn’t hurt your child.

#Rule2 – Make Sure You Have Switched Off All The Electrical Appliances

Make Sure You Have Switched Off All The Electrical Appliances Electricity can become the cause of avoidable mishaps, so, it is always safer to take simple precautions. Ensure that any faulty or loose wire is covered with plastic tapes especially designed to neutralise it. In case of high voltage appliances, keep the main switch off at all times unless in use. Above everything, it is very important to make your child understand the importance of never touching any electrical appliance or switch board with wet hands.

#Rule3- Setup An Alarm System For Smoke

Fire related incidents comprise a large percentage of accidents within houses and it is imperative that necessary precautions are taken to avoid such incidents. The safest way to steer clear of fire related mishaps is to install a smoke alarm system within your home and ensure these are tested at regular intervals. Discuss with your family and keep ready a safety escape plan in case of a fire. Keep a fire extinguisher at home in case of any emergencies.

#Rule4- Safety Outdoors

If you have a lawn or a pool area, it is essential for you to take certain measures like keeping the windows or doors shut. Big and sharp objects should not be left outside unattended. Explain to your child the things that could hurt her/him. S/he must be aware of the dangers of touching or playing with broken glass and sharp objects.

#Rule5- Installation Of Safety System And CCTVs

Installing a CCTV camera and connecting it with your phone to keep a check on your child can help you stay updated in case of any unforeseen events. Burglary safety systems can work well in this case as it ensures that your child will receive help in the shortest span of time possible. Ensure that you make your child understand how dangerous it is to open the door to strangers.

#Rule6- Keep Sharp And Small Objects Away From Reach

Toddlers roam around the house all day and tumble a thousand times. They also end up moving or touching things that might harm them. It is always better to keep sharp and movable objects away and not on top of tables or edges from which they can fall off.

Small toys or coins or really small objects should also be kept away from their reach as they can swallow them.

#Rule7- Pet Safety

Pet Safety Everybody loves having pets and playing with them. However, there are times when your pet might become aggressive. Teach your child not to approach the pet at times when they are more susceptible to becoming aggressive, such as when eating food or sleeping. Always avoid leaving your child alone with pets and make sure that your child does not bother the pet especially if it is taking care of its own offspring.

#Rule8- Food Items And Chemicals

Small children have a habit of putting everything in their mouth. Keep detergents and chemical solutions away from the reach of your child. Don’t leave any medicines lying around as they can be harmful if your child accidentally consumes them. Food Items or beverages that are not meant for your child’s consumption are not supposed to be kept on the kitchen counter or tables.
You can never be too careful with young children so it is always better to be well prepared for safety! Just keep the above tips and checklist in mind and you can avoid most of the accidents that take place at home.

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