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Brain Food: What To Eat While Studying Or Revising

Guide To The Best Foods To Eat While Studying

Long hours at school and assessment seasons can be very hectic for everyone involved, right from students to teachers to parents. But parents get most affected as it means skewed or unhealthy diet for their children that could eventually lead to decreased energy, illness or poor performance at school.

So, in addition to paying attention to the academic strategies and techniques, providing the child with a right balanced diet is crucial in improving their memory, concentration and overall health.

Eating the right food can help build concentration, IQ, memory power, and more. Giving the children a variety of healthy food prepared innovatively will also discourage them from eating unhealthy and unnecessary food

After extensive research, we’ve compiled a list of best foods you can give your children to not only fill their bellies but also their brains!

Leafy greens

best foods to eat to boost memory Eating a good helping of leafy greens regularly helps to sharpen the mind and improve the cognitive function. They’re a vital source of vitamins, some of which are also associated with improvements in alertness and memory. Eating leafy greens is also said to slow the rate of deterioration of the brain as you become older. So, as you serve your children some greens, make sure to get some on your plate too! This is one of the Best Foods To Eat While Studying.

Some good greens to give your children are:
  • Sage – improves critical thinking and reduces stress and anxiety
  • Broccoli – improves brainpower and keeps memory sharp
  • Kale – protects brain cells, improves memory, and reduces stress

Fresh Fruits

Fruits are packed with nutrients and are always beneficial to eat than other (fattening; unhealthy) snacks. Here are some of the best brain foods and their benefits:
  • Apples – Improves brain health, enhances cognition, and reduces anxiety.
  • Blueberries – Nature’s brain packages, blueberries are packed with a host of nutrients that help boost concentration, reduce stress, and improve memory, verbal comprehension, reasoning skills, and numerical abilities.
  • Tomatoes – The powerful antioxidant lycopene in tomatoes helps prevent free radical damage to brain cells.
  • Avocados – The vitamin K and folate helps improve memory and concentration, and also prevents blood clots in the brains.
  • Oranges, Blackcurrants – Citrus fruits are packed with vitamin C that increases mental agility and helps in managing stress and anxiety.


foods for studying for exams Nuts such as almonds, pistachios, walnuts, hazelnuts, cashews, and other nuts are nutritional powerhouses. Packed with vitamin E, other vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, nuts are great to improve and maintain cognition. They’re also rich in essential oils and amino acids that aid focus. Moreover, they’re portable, easy to eat, and simple to incorporate in any recipe. This is one of the Best Foods To Eat While Studying.


Yoghurt contains billions of good bacteria that give energy, makes you feel good, and aids digestion. While yoghurt alone does not give a brain boost, it helps to fix problems caused by bad bacteria (fatigue, indigestion, pain, vomiting) and supplements other brain foods.

Dark chocolate

Rich in iron, fibre, magnesium, and flavonoids, dark chocolate helps to increase blood flow to the brain, thus, improving memory, focus, and problem-solving skills. The small amounts of caffeine and theobromine in it also helps you to stay alert, improve your mood, and de-stress. Make sure to buy a dark chocolate with at least 70% cocoa for these benefits! This is one of the Best Foods To Eat While Studying.

Green Tea

The small amount of caffeine in green tea helps to stay alert and focused. The high number of antioxidants gives a powerful boost in concentration as well. Green tea is a great alternative to high-caffeine products such as coffee and energy drinks as it also provides numerous other benefits as well.


brain food for studying for exams Of all the active compounds found in Turmeric, the most important one is curcumin. Curcumin elevates the levels of BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor). Turmerone, another substance found in turmeric, stimulates the production of new neurons and encourages the brain to repair itself. What’s more, turmeric also keeps the immune system healthy and improves the brain’s oxygen intake, thus, helping you stay alert and process information better. This is one of the Best Foods To Eat While Studying.


Eggs contain many nutrients that are beneficial for the body. It is packed with vitamin B12 known to enhance alertness and energy, improve overall cognitive performance, and aid in brain development. Egg white is a good source of protein and also keeps you full for a longer time (avoiding study snacking).

Fatty Fish

Fatty fish such as salmon, mackerel, sardines, trout, herring, etc. are full of omega-3 fatty acids. Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) such as omega-3 fatty acids cannot be made by the body and needs to be obtained from the diet. Omega-3 fatty acids are important for making new neural pathways.

They keep the brain functioning smoothly and improve cognitive functions, memory, mental performance and behavioural functions. Moreover, these fish help to manage stress and release the feel-good chemical: serotonin. Vegetarians and vegans can get their supply of omega-3 fatty acids from soya beans, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, chia seeds, and linseeds. This is one of the Best Foods To Eat While Studying.

Bone Broth

This ancient food recipe is full of health benefits – from improving your immune system to overcoming food allergies. The amino acids in a bone broth help strengthen immunity and improve memory. Moreover, the food also helps get a peaceful sleep at night – an essential during assessment time!


best foods to eat while studying Beetroots contain nitrates that boost blood flow to the brain, helping with mental performance. Beets are also known to improve energy and performance level of the brain. This is one of the Best Foods To Eat While Studying.

Pumpkin Seeds

In addition to containing omega-3 fatty acids, pumpkin seeds are also rich in zinc. This valuable mineral is vital for enhancing memory and focus, improving brain power, and preventing memory loss. Eating pumpkin seeds also helps to reduce stress.

Coconut And Extra Virgin Olive Oil

You can never go wrong with coconut oil as it’s an extremely powerful brain food and also aids in preventing memory loss. Extra virgin olive oil contains powerful antioxidants that improve learning and memory and protects the brain from toxins. Remember to consume extra virgin olive oil cold or at room temperature only.

Whole Grains

Like everything else, our brain requires energy to perform efficiently. With an adequate and steady supply of energy, the brain can concentrate and focus well throughout the day. This energy can come from carbohydrates i.e. glucose and the best source for that is having whole grain food. This is one of the Best Foods To Eat While Studying.

A healthy and balanced diet can solve much of our body’s problems. Giving children such brain food throughout the year will help them improve their brain function better and faster in the long run. We are what we eat and we need to make sure it is organic and healthy!

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