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How to choose the right school for your child

This is a big question that all parents face whether its admission for the first time or it’s a transition from a current school to another.

Decisions about where your child goes to school are very personal, and can be difficult. It’s common and extremely normal for parents to feel anxious about getting this decision right. The choice of schools has increased dramatically in recent years depending on the array of options that are available. Your priorities may vary depending on your child’s talents, interests, and emotional and social needs.

What are you prepared to compromise on, and what are your `must haves’?

1. Environment of the School
While choosing a school for your child, apart from only focusing on the Board and co-curricular activities offered by the school, the first and foremost important decision that the parent must make should be based on the environment of the school. Especially, at the pre primary level, the child is moving from a secured home environment and is entering a new world which is absolutely unknown to him/her, and that itself is a big challenge for the little one.

Parents, to finalize their choice, should visit the school, attend an ongoing session if possible, seek information from friends or acquaintances that have been a part of the school environment, read and understand the brochure and the rules and regulations of the school and then take a final call.

2. Student Teacher Ratio
In a school, the relationship between the teacher and the student is key. A teacher should make the child feel important and comfortable and hence be able to create a home away from home! A lower student teacher ratio will only enhance the quality of attention each child can get and deserves.

3. Distance
The vicinity of the school is also one of the important factors that parents may want to consider to zero in on the suitable options. It is essential to cities like Mumbai where distance could be a critical factor; a child needs to spend his/her time learning or playing and not travelling.

4. The Schools Vision and Philosophy
Remember, no matter how much advice you seek from others, how many books you read about choosing the best school, the most important thing is that your vision and philosophy should match with the broader vision of the school as once you enter a school, not only does your child, but you also become a part of the family.

The journey of growing up together becomes much more beautiful and fruitful, when you and the school as a team, work towards a common dream, a common goal, of raising wonderful human beings and global citizens.

This article is contributed by Mrs. Meenu Bhandari (Pre-Primary Mentor at the JBCN International Group of Schools)


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Posted on: Monday,2017,Mar,Mon