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Importance And Benefits Of Holiday Homework

importance of holiday homework
School life has opened up a plethora of activities and umpteen challenges for the modern-day learners. Gone are the days when imparting of lessons would be conventional and compressed into the rigorous straightjacket modules.

It has been observed and researched that learners, nowadays, are burdened with tremendous expectations and academic pressure. It is undeniably true that vacations should be utilized to the hilt wherein the learners along with their parents can break the monotony and free their minds vacationing in exotic locales and look after their overall development of body, mind, and soul.

However, there are some opinion-makers who deem fit that learners should be kept engaged during the vacations with some task or the other, and hence suggest assigning some sort of ‘holiday homework’. To overrule this suggestion altogether would be unjustified.

There are some learners who are more inclined towards academics and want to properly use their vacations in accomplishing all those tasks which possibly do not get done amidst the routine schedule. Probably, the school in concern should formulate and design these home-assignments in such a way that they benefit one and all and cater to the long-term interests.

Though the term ‘vacation homework’ simply contradicts itself, it depends on the intensity of work assigned and the level of learners pertaining to their curriculum priorities which ought to be met. Assigning any kind of monotonous writing work would surely not be appreciated by the modern student fraternity.

If a particular school framework at all decides on settling for some kind of holiday homework, meticulous attention should be paid to the learning objectives and the aims of such tasks.

holiday homework summer camp school
Many schools in India have actually come up with brilliant activities such as Summer Camps, Treks, Internship Programmes, wherein the learners are given hands-on learning experience on a host of things.

It is properly decided upon after diagnosing the child’s aspirations and future pursuits. Such assignments give a dimension and edge to the learners to hold on to their career goals and shape their identities and overall outlook towards this competitive life.

In peroration, we, as educators should always aim at making the learners feel at ease and yet getting the work done out of them by employing strategies which would benefit all and sundry. Holiday homework should never be assigned as a means of retribution.

We should look forward to creating an environment of healthy competition and an urge to the qualitative teaching-learning process. Being life-long learners with a perpetual quest for knowledge should be the underlying objective. Hope you now understand the importance of holiday homework!

Mr. Abhinandan Bhattacharya,
CAIE and IBDP English Facilitator and MISA Resource Person,
JBCN International School, Oshiwara, Mumbai

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Posted on: Tuesday,2018,Dec,Tue