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Journey at JBCN International School

I have two boys in JBCN International School, Parel who joined in 2012-13 session when the school started. Our admission process with school started in November 2011 which was almost 9 months before they had their first day at school.

We chose JBCN on some facts that included their vast experience as educators, expectation to strive hard to build a successful school in Parel, admission of both boys in same school, and commute for them. But 3.75 years later we realize that our day to day lives have been stress free, happy, comfortable because of the school environment JBCN has. The mind body soul philosophy has helped our kids and us as a family.

JBCN allows us a balance in our lives and also being part of our children’s lives even when they are at school, unlike other schools where we were clueless about what’s going on and we had to show our kids pictures to get a feedback about them. I haven’t taken a bus service hence I am at school everyday to pick and drop my children and I have never seen an unhappy child going in and coming out of school. This does affect our day to day lives and happiness in our lives as parents.Parents have less number of children these days; hence life revolves around the child and their wellbeing. The team of workers ranging from security guards to front desk to accounts department, teachers, didis and dada’s and admin team – the way they work, the way they respond, the courtesy they show, the respect they show is unbeatable, and the culture has been created by JBCN management and it is a commendable job. JBCN has helped set a bar when it comes to parents’ involvement, and the way they deal with every little trouble, suggestion or complain, be it about a personal problem or a school related concern.

Over last 3 years number of parents, have admitted their kids from our society and none of them have said it was a wrong decision. No one is perfect but to strive to be the best and to work hard collectively towards the goal is always appreciated. To accept mistakes if any made to hear the suggestions and complains and to correct them to have people in with an open heart is special and different from the schools we have studied in. To keep all stakeholders on the same page is astounding.

E-campus, our internal communication system is a great step forward in going green. Every year approximately 250-270 circulars, average of 2-3 pages, for 700+ students are uploaded online to communicate with parents. The amount of paper saved here is again something very new and phenomenal.

Annual day and Sports day of any school are the days when parents and outsiders of school come and see the talent and the progress in school children. So far the three annual days have been all something very unusual, different from the routine and had a message which was taught to parents and children simultaneously. Parenting is not easy and doesn’t come with defined norms. First time parenting is always filled with eagerness than taking care of the second child where you learn to let go and let the child be. Grand Parents, Internet, Counselors, School Mentors and Educators are a big support for new parents to advice, but a couple needs to decide what to hear and who to follow in an information overload world. They need to learn to believe the school they choose.

We are moving out of the country for personal reasons, hence we leave with a heavy heart, but with an assurance that if given a chance to come back, we will comeback to JBCN, Parel. We wish best of luck to the school and the management for a bright future.

This Article is contributed by Mrs. Divya Goyal, parent at the JBCN International School, Parel

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Posted on: Monday,2017,Mar,Mon