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Psychological, Mental and Physical Benefits Of Sports Education

Sports Education

‘Sports do not build character. They reveal it’

– Heywood Bround

Many People believe that Sports is an old nemesis to academic advancement and that people with a keen interest in sports cannot excel in academics. This folklore surrounding sports has made parents reluctant and paranoid to let their children devote time to games.

We are a long way from breaking down this presumed rivalry and change the mindsets of the parents but it is ironical that to break the tug-of-war we need more children to take up games and athletics but they are not allowed to.

Sports requires a tremendous amount of energy, this leads parents to believe that this will distract student-athletes but on the contrary, physical activities also require organizational skill, discipline and enormous amounts of learning which are pre-requisites for performing well in studies too. Also, many qualities that students acquire while indulging in outdoor activities are applicable within the classroom.

Sports Education is fundamental for a holistic growth as it provides a much-needed break from academics and is a source to release all that pent-up energy validating the ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ philosophy.

Benefits of Sports Education can be broadly classified into:

Psychological and Social Benefits Of Sports Education

Sports do not build character. They reveal it

Develops Self Confidence

Sports teaches one to believe in himself which when coupled with small gestures like a pat on the back, high fives, and praises from the coach, can add to an athlete’s self-esteem and confidence.

Accepting Defeat

A game on the field teaches the bitter truth that we can’t win all the time. The sooner a child learns this the better it is for them. It also teaches them to take the loss in their stride. Sometimes you win and sometimes you learn!


This is the most important quality that every single successful person tends to have. This is one trait that sports can easily inculcate in a student. Discipline on the playground also becomes the basis of a systematic and organized life, right from waking up on time, to studying, to managing other tasks.


From aspiring to be a captain to become the captain for your team, the whole process teaches one the essential ability of how to talk, manage people, taking one for the team. Leadership isn’t about being on the top, it’s about being accountable for the responsibility assigned to you. Many times the fate of the whole team rests in the spilt-second decision that you have to take.


There is no place for ‘I’ in the team. You could argue that there is no ‘We’ either but that’s the beauty of sports, it teaches you how to play to each others’ strengths, amplifying the strengths in the process. The team has to work towards a common goal in unison and unless that happens, the team is deemed to fail. Like at work, in sports too you can’t pick who you want to play with.

3Ps- Persistence, Patience, and Practise

Persistence, Patience, and Practise are the founding cornerstones for any sport and also life in general. One consistently needs to pursue the goals no matter how many times he fails. You need to pick yourself up and start over. Playing a sport teaches you not to get irritated or annoyed with happenings as sometimes it takes a while for results to show. Practicing diligently fetches you desired outcomes. All of this proves beneficial in all aspects of life, be it academics or career.

Physical Benefits Of Sports Education

Psychological and Social Benefits Of Sports Education

Regularity in Exercise

Asking children to exercise can prove futile but if you tell them to go outside and play, they are more than happy to do so. Reason being, children enjoy activities that are fun and engaging. When they are playing a sport they are getting their share of exercise but in an entertaining way.

Healthy Growth

Regular physical workout of the bones and muscles leads to a healthy growth, exempting them from the modern-day lifestyle diseases and illnesses which they usually would have been susceptible to. It also leads to increased cardiovascular fitness as heart, like any another muscle in the body needs regular exercise to stay in its peak. A healthy body breeds a healthy mind and has a positive effect on your performance level in school and at work.

Improves Energy Levels

Playing sports regularly leads to the building of stamina and endurance over time. This leads to a significant increase in energy levels which are quite evident after a period of time. Correct channeling of this energy leads to increased productivity on and off the ground.

Improved Sleep Cycle

All the physical exertion will lead to tiredness in the night which translates into a deep and sound sleep at night. Athletes realize they can’t function efficiently without the stipulated 8-hour sleep and encourages them to sleep on time. A well-rested body performs at its optimal best.

In our opinion, athletes should be as celebrated as much as scholars are. The child excelling in academics and the child exhibiting distinction in sports should be given equal importance. If the vision is adopted and executed well, there will definitely be a day when both the awards are bagged by the same student. Let us open our mind to the era of endless possibilities!

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