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Things To Keep In Mind For The First Day Of School

The first day of school is a day of mixed emotions for children. It is full of excitement, anticipation and anxiety. Kids could be nervous about going to a new school, a new section, an important year or making friends; but, they are also excited and eager to start a new academic year. Therefore, to start the new year right and make it a smooth transition from one grade to another, it is important to prepare them in advance.

Here are SomeThings To Keep In Mind For The First Day Of School:

1) Sleeping Well And Eating Breakfast On Time

During the summer holidays, it is common for children to stay awake late into the night watching TV, playing video games, or reading their favourite books cover to cover. This often leads to waking up late in the morning or sometimes directly for lunch!

But, a week or two before school starts, children need to start preparing to get back into the school routine. This means sleeping a little earlier every day and waking up earlier for breakfast too. The body adjusts to the changes in sleeping patterns quite fast and within a week or two, it becomes a habit.

If they get into school-day routines and get a good night’s sleep for 7-8 hours, they won’t feel lethargic, lazy, or sleepy on the first day of school! They will be able to begin the new academic year in high spirits, ready to participate and learn new things. This is one of the Best Things To Keep In Mind For The First Day Of School.

2) Keeping Everything Ready The Night Before

Best Things To Keep In Mind For The First Day Of School
The night before the first day back to school, make sure that all the school belongings are ready. Polishing the shoes; ironing the uniform (make sure they still fit first!); packing the bag with the required books; keeping the stationery ready; preparing the lunch box, if possible; and ensuring that you have kept everything required– like an umbrella, any summer homework, project, gifts for friends, etc. helps a great deal.

Being prepared the night before ensures that children are not in a haste to get things ready the next day, that they don’t forget to take anything important, or reach school late on the very first day. They will also be more composed and stress-free when they reach school.

3) Figuring Out How To Get To School

In case the child is joining a new school or there has been a change in the location of the school premises, it is better to know the route and mode of transport in advance.

Depending on the distance from the school, you need to figure out before-hand how your child will get to school. Will he be walking? If so, what route will he be taking? Will some family member be accompanying him to school? Will he be carpooling with other classmates? Or will he be taking a public mode of transport? In each case, you need to figure out the time your child needs to leave the house so that he reaches school in time. This is one of the Best Things To Keep In Mind For The First Day Of School.

4) Reading Through The Syllabus Of Next Year

Reading through the syllabus of each subject that the children have taken in the new year helps them to be aware of the topics they will be coming across that year. It helps them to get familiar with the subjects and mentally prepares them for what to expect. You can encourage the children to read through the chapters of their favourite subject! Heres more on the best books for school students.

5) Completing And Compiling Any Summer Assignment Given

Some schools give summer assignments to students as they have plenty of free time during their vacation that can be put to productive work. If your child has received any such assignments, make sure he/she works on them throughout the holidays and completes them well in advance, so he/she is not stressed during the last few days of vacation. A new academic year shouldn’t start with the pressure of completing previous assignments.

6) Being Excited To Make New Friends

First day of school tips
With schools often shuffling students in different classes, children taking different electives, and new children joining schools, they will often end up making new friends every year. So, over the vacations, try to improve their social skills, help them acquire new hobbies or talents, and generally be excited to make new, lifelong friends. Also, work on how they can be kinder and more helpful to everyone in general. This is one of the Best Things To Keep In Mind For The First Day Of School.

7) Teach Them To Be True To Themselves

A lot of things change during the holidays but with social media, the children are never really disconnected from their friends. On the first day of school, it is very important to teach them to be their true self and be proud of who they are. If teachers ask students to introduce themselves, make sure they can speak confidently about themselves. Also teach them not to succumb to peer pressure or bullying.

Educate them that though ‘fitting in’ may seem important, but being true to yourself is more important in the long run.

Following these tips will help every student have a great first day at school and ensure their back to school experience is as smooth as possible! Help them stay as organised and prepared as possible as these habits will really help them in their personal and professional life.

Hope they have a great first day of school!


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Posted on: Monday,2018,Jul,Mon