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Key Differences Between Private And Public School

Differences Between Private And Public School
Selecting a school for your child is easily one of the most important things you will ever do, so the pressure of making the right choice is high. The kind of education they receive, and the company they keep at school – both aspects play a huge role in shaping their personalities and honing their talents.

While there can be many metrics to judge schools by, the broadest categories would be public and private schools. Let’s take a look at some major differences between them across the following parameters:

Admission process

Given that most children going to public schools come from less privileged backgrounds, it would not be fair to subject them to difficult tests. Hence, gaining admission is quite easy in public schools. Private schools however screen admissions much more thoroughly, so that a more selective crowd can get in.


It is more affordable to educate children in public schools as they are funded by the government. The low fee structure allows low income classes to gain fundamental education. Private schools are generally more expensive owing to the high standards of education. This is one of the most significant Differences Between Private And Public School.


Facilities such as sports grounds, labs for computers and science experiments and other teaching equipment are all made available for the optimum development of children in private schools. These, unfortunately, are not maintained or entirely lacking in most public schools.

Quality Of Teachers

Since private schools have greater funds at their disposal, they are able to hire teachers with high educational qualifications or specialization. Public schools on the other hand cannot offer the same remuneration to such professionals and thus hires teachers with basic teaching degrees or qualifications. This is one of the most significant Differences Between Private And Public School.

Class Size

Owing to a smaller class size, teachers are able to pay closer attention to each child in private schools. This allows the children to overcome hurdles in learning with much greater ease than at a public school where the class size is huge.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Extra-Curricular Activities
Public schools generally have only sports as extra-curricular activities, simply because there is a lack of funds, infrastructure and exposure. At private schools, children get a variety of options on hobbies that they can pick up, skills they can develop and talents that they can hone for years under the guidance of trained professionals in various fields.

Psycho-Social Development

In the large class sizes of public schools, more behaviour goes unmonitored than in private schools. Any issues of bullying or otherwise deviant behaviour that may be ignored in public schools is seriously addressed and resolved in private schools, thus providing a better environment for the mental and emotional well-being of children.


Private schools, being well-funded and free of bureaucratic control, can innovate and adapt to newer ways of teaching a lot more quickly, at par with global standards. This is one of the most significant Differences Between Private And Public School.


networks children build through school
The networks children build through school days can last them a lifetime. Whether it’s friendships, or future business connections, a private school definitely gives children access to a more influential and well-connected network of people, that helps them all through their lives.

Public schools are a blessing for those who cannot afford a private education. However, there is no investment that is more important to make than the one in your child’s future.

The above pointers indicate that, for various reasons, a private school is a more beneficial choice. At the end of the day, we all want our children to maximize their potential and live fulfilling lives, and the right education will enable them to do just that. I hope this write-up has put forth the significant Differences Between Private And Public School.

Written by- Ms. Sushma Lakotia JBCN International School, Parel

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