Message from Our Chairperson

Education goes beyond knowledge... it is a journey of life

Dear Parents and JBCNites,

JBCN International School is the realisation of a vision we have nurtured through 3 decades of educational endeavour - a vision to create a school community where every single individual, whether student or educator, is a lifelong learner. Learning experiences at JBCN International School will not be limited to schooling, but serve as an important stepping stone in a life long journey of growth and development.

Mrs. Pinky Dalal
Founder & Chairperson
JBCN International School

Message from Our Principal

Dear Parents,

The human entity is much more than the surface layers entrapped within folds of bookish erudition and physical prowess. The core of what makes us human is recognised intuitively by all of us at the level of consciousness. Education is inextricably related to the development of this consciousness in every learner. As educators, we are responsible for nurturing humanity and thinking about our social responsibilities. I firmly believe that modern educational practices cannot be limited to the production of self-centred individuals who are focused on the narrow definition of success and entitlement.

Mindfulness and well-being are the two pillars on which an edifice of true knowledge can be built. Creativity and innovation are the natural by-products of learning in a collaborative environment which enables deep understanding and encourages independent learning. Every person who wears the badge of a JBCNite – a learner, staff member or parent can identify with and articulate the fundamental ethos of the school. Through the years we’ve seen our learners imbibe our ideals and values and become worthy ambassadors of the JBCN vision and mission. The journey ahead is full of promise as the JBCN family steps into a new decade of EduCreative experiences which will make the world a better place.

We look forward to welcoming you to our school!

Debika Chatterji
Director Principal

Board Members

Mr. Kunal Dalal - Managing Director, JBCN International School

Mr. Kunal Dalal

Managing Director

Mr. Kunal Dalal, Our Managing Director, is an alumnus of Carnegie Mellon University (USA). He is passionate about education and believes in nurturing young minds with Educreative experiences.

Ms. Hemali Dalal - Managing Director, JBCN International School

Ms. Hemali Dalal

Managing Director

Ms. Hemali Dalal graduated from Georgetown University and worked in Manhattan for two years before returning to India. An avid reader and a passionate learner

Ms. Priya Nair

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Ms. Priya Nair is a Senior Educator with experience spanning over thirty-six years. Throughout her career, she has worked with diverse socio-economic groups

Ms. Priya Nair - Chief Operating Officer, JBCN International School

Mr. Sharan Kuruwa

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

A Chartered Accountant by profession, has successfully undertaken various roles at JBCN. He seamlessly manages various functions at JBCN

Mr. Sharan Kuruwa - CFO, JBCN International School

Our Key Investor

Mr. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala - Our Key Investor

In today's world of intense competition, only the fittest will survive and the right mix of education and skills combined with a great personality will make all the difference. Hence, today's skill-based world, the gift and the best investment for a child by parents is 'Education'. Based on my past experience and interaction with the school management team, I am very confident that JBCN Education school will be one of the best educational institutes that will deliver my vision of education; 'Personality for your child and respect for parents'.

Mr. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala

RARE Enterprises

Our Advisors

Mrs. Tina Ambani - Our Advisors, JBCN International School

As a mother, I am happy to see an institute that creates an enabling environment that fosters progressive education; as a patron of an art foundation, I am excited to see a school that inculcates the spirit of originality; and as the head of an organization that works to improve the lives of India's elderly, it gives me pride to see that we are imbibing strong social values in our children.

Mrs. Tina Ambani

Philanthropist and Industrialist

Mr. Ashok Kurien - Our Advisors, JBCN International School

Everyone is brilliant at something. JBCN International helps find 'that something', with love and care, patience and perseverance. JBCN International School will help change lives.

Mr. Ashok Kurien

Founder, Promoter & Director,
Ambience Advertising Pvt. Ltd