Jamboree is our most anticipated multi-day annual event, that is designed to bring families together to celebrate our learners’ talent and sense of exploration. Through this event, we seek to give our learners a platform where they may not only share their enthusiasm, camaraderie, and creativity but also push themselves to try something new and take risks.

JPPL - JBCN Parents Premiere League

Since the establishment of the school, the focus of the team has been to build a strong communal bond and relationship within the parenting community of JBCN. Cricket, being one of the nation’s favourite sports, was a top choice for an annual parent event at JBCN. Parents across all grades are invited to form grade-wise teams that compete for the championship cup over 2-4 days depending on the number of teams participating. Dads and Moms are both a part of this cricketing mania called JPPL.

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students are practicing in science lab


'Futurum' serves as an expression of human emotions explored through various art forms that encourage learners to push the boundaries of imagination and use scientific concepts in creating futuristic products. It also helps learners to adopt a futuristic mindset. It celebrates our attempt to grow strong roots and expansive wings for our young minds. A plethora of activities are planned under 'Futurum' that will teach learners soft skills which are crucial to their overall development and will focus on imbibing a spirit of optimism, and critical and analytical thinking while being inventive, innovative, imaginative, productive, and original.

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Ripples - Our Inter School Literary Fest

Ripples, our Inter School Literary Fest that pays an ode to words - an ode to finer versions of wood that we call books, an ode to every lone reader in the corner of every class. The festival creates a ripple effect of awareness and celebration of a humble art- language. This festival gives participants an opportunity to connect with others who share their love of literature and trivia through various competitions. This Festival is a call for celebration and a union of all thinking minds.

Christmas Carnival

The Christmas Carnival aims at bringing together the school community with a plan to enjoy, mingle and have fun at the same time. Parents are encouraged to host stalls providing, food, fun-fair games, and any items which are child and family-friendly. The learners are encouraged to host music and dance performances to engage with and entertain the families present on the school ground. The event evening is filled with fun and joy for all.

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Launch Pad - University Connect Fair

Held annually, LaunchPad helps our senior learners in grades 8-12 engage with a variety of national and international universities at our school campus. Organised by the Careers Team, this event helps learners plan their learning journey and make informed decisions based on their understanding of the programmes provided along with timely guidance from the school counsellors in conjunction with the admissions counsellors from the various colleges.


Intramural Sports are a great way to stay active and have fun while also building teamwork and camaraderie with peers.

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Svasthi - a mindful journey to well-being

The month of October at JBCN International School Borivali is synonymous with mental health and well-being. Initiated last year during the pandemic, the initiative is rightly titled as Svasthi - a mindful journey to well-being, an endeavour towards promoting well-being for all. It is a month-long voyage of learning, exploring, experimenting, reflecting, realising and reprogramming ourselves.This year we organised the second edition of Svasthi and the central theme was based on the Multiple Intelligence Theory by Howard Gardner. All the sessions as well as special life skills sessions for all learners were curated as an amalgamation of the Multiple Intelligence Theory and Self-care for all our school community members i.e. learners, parents, faculty members, HODs and Coordinators, administrative team members, housekeeping staff, and the extended community i.e. NGOs catering to differently abled individuals and mental health professionals as well. The event also saw experienced international speakers joining us as we embarked on this well-being journey.

Joy of Giving Week

The greatest joy in all of living is the joy that comes from freely giving. Daan Utsav’ or the Joy of Giving Week is celebrated every year before Diwali. We believe that enabling the spirit of giving in children will make them socially conscious and take them a step closer to becoming the best version of themselves. In an effort towards this, we celebrated the joy of the week in school encouraging and engaging our learners in various acts of giving; be it time, resources, or skills. The highlight of the celebrations was the morning spent with our ‘Didis/ Dadas; who were invited to class and our learners extended this gratitude to their support staff at home too.

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Parent Engagement Programmes

To continually build parent-school relationships, the school team presents several engagement opportunities for the parenting community, through a series of workshops or fun engagement programmes such as Dance-Fitness, Zumba morning, Ultimate Frisbee, Coffee Meets, Parenting Workshops, Professional Workshops (Photography, Financial Literacy etc) and much more.