Note from the Principal

Debika Chatterji Principal JBCN international school Borivali
Dear Parents,

The human entity is much more than the surface layers entrapped within folds of bookish erudition and physical prowess. The core of what makes us human is recognised intuitively by all of us at the level of consciousness. Education is inextricably related to the development of this consciousness in every learner. The focus of education needs to go back to age-old principles which have stood the test of time. The value of giving rather than receiving, and the power of love, faith, belief and trust rather than hate, doubt and mistrust.

As educators, it is our responsibility to nurture humanity and think about our social responsibilities. It is my firm belief that modern educational practices cannot be limited to the production of self-centred individuals who are totally focused on the narrow definition of success and entitlement. Schools have to steer generations towards the path of creating a nation full of citizens who can carry the baton of humankind on a promising journey towards self-actualisation and social reform.

Mindfulness and well-being are the two pillars on which an edifice of true knowledge can be built. Creativity and innovation are the natural by-products of learning in a collaborative environment which enables deep understanding and encourages independent learning. Facilitating an inquiry, driven by the curious learner is the most joyful of adventures and we revel together as we celebrate myriad stories of success every day at JBCN International School, Borivali.

An important benchmark of a progressive school is the cohesiveness of the team which carries this vision forward. The culture of our school is the common thread that binds every individual in this organisation. Discussions following democratic principles which underline the importance of a strong voice for all stakeholders are at the root of all policies and guidelines. The way forward is decided upon after thorough reflective deliberation. Every person who wears the badge of a JBCNite – a learner, staff member or parent can identify with and articulate the fundamental ethos of the school.

Through the years we’ve seen our learners imbibe our ideals and values and become worthy ambassadors of the JBCN vision and mission. The journey ahead is full of promise as the JBCN family steps into a new decade of EduCreative experiences which will make the world a better place.

We look forward to welcoming you to our school!

Debika Chatterji
Director Principal