JBCN Accelerator brings you a thoughtfully designed and curated After school programme which brings finest national and international industry experts covering an array of activities/classes. We have left no stone unturned like always to make sure we get the best coaches all under one roof exclusive for JBCN learners to ensure learning doesn't stop after school. This comprehensive programme will accelerate learners' growth multifold. The programme serves children of all ages and is designed keeping growing needs of different age groups.The program encompasses a broad range of focus areas including Celebral, Artistic, Athletic, Expressive quadrants. The activities children engage in outside of school are crucial for their development and can serve to build on what they have learnt in school and fast track their growth. A good aftershool program can turn the aimless hours after school into productive learning time. Afterschool programming has been shown to improve social and academic outcomes for learners globally. To fully realize all the positives of afterschool programming, high quality programming and highly experienced staff plays the most vital role. And this has been taken care of by us so your child gets nothing but the best.

JBCN International School Accelerator

Best International and National Industry experts


Safe and secured environment for growth


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Accelerator Program Categories

This highly outcome-driven programme offers learners an opportunity to pursue their interests and passion like never before. Moreover, these programmes allow our learners to be in sync with emerging global trends such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, robotics, innovation technology, creativity, leadership, financial literacy, and media literacy, among other future-ready skills.

These programmes are available across various age groups, and the learners are free to choose whichever program suits their needs. There will be no selection criteria/assessment or evaluation for applying to these programmes. Facilitators may train learners who are part of these programmes for any events or competitions that align with the programmes' skill outcomes. Learners can select programmes of interest from four quadrants; Athletic, Cerebral, Artistic and Expressive.

Talent development programmes are a unique offering that empowers our learners to take their skills to the next level. These programmes have been created to serve our gifted learners with the best opportunity to dial up their skills.

Participation in these programmes will build the overall resume of a learner & strengthen their portfolio. These programmes include dedicated, specialised, and focused training given to learners to prepare them for highly aspirational & recognised competitions & events at the national & international levels. Entry into these programmes will be strictly based on predefined selection criteria, which may include an assessment/evaluation. The selection criteria will be developed by the external facilitator & approved by the School SMTs/Head of School/EHP Coordinator. These predetermined criteria & the assessment process will be shared with the learners & parents well in advance.