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What Parents Should Look For When Considering A Change Of Schools For Their Child

How To Choose A Good School For Your Child
At any stage, it is not easy to change schools. And especially if we are looking out for a new school for our child, there are just so many options and a plethora of well-known schools to select from.

Now, how does one know which would be the ‘right’ one? A school which has a holistic approach to learning and would enhance all the essential 21st-century skills of its learners would be the most preferred. Read on to find out more about How To Choose A Good School For Your Child.

Well, Here Is A Checklist That Can Be Used As A Benchmark For Selection:

A Happy School That Practises Mindfulness

Happy School That Practices Mindfulness
The Happiness quotient is the most important. The school atmosphere should be conducive to the emotional well being of the child. Nowadays EQ (Emotional Quotient) is gaining more credence than IQ (Intelligence Quotient) with schools focusing on the mental health of their learners.

A variety of exercises and activities are incorporated by concerned schools such as yoga, morning prayers and hymns, meditation, storytelling, singing, dancing, guest lectures and workshops, additional play time and many more.

A Healthy School

It is imperative that Hygiene and Cleanliness are on top of your list. When you visit any well-known school in which you are interested in enrolling your child, do look into this facet meticulously and scrutinize every aspect.

Right from the entrance area, to the reception, the corridors, and the classrooms, the play areas and canteen to the washrooms, especially how neat the washrooms are.

The promptness of the Support staff and their eagerness to keep everything spic and span and in order is one of the significant features that constitute a good school.


How close the school is to your house is quite a deciding factor. The school should be as close to your house as possible and if it is within walking distance, then that is the best! However, if it is far, the school timings should be taken into consideration (they should not clash with peak hours of traffic).
Accessibility to the school through different means of transport should also be made a note of.

Safety And Security

Precautionary measures like security cameras (CCTV) in the school premises (including classrooms and corridors and all other reachable places), controlled access to the school through use of ID cards and security personnel wearing badges and uniforms, background verification of staff members, visitor management system and GPS tracking in the School transport is of paramount importance nowadays.

Trained attendants on the school premises and in the buses are a must. They must be aware of the rules and regulations of the school and be taught self-protection and other safety and first aid rules so as to be able to take care of the learners.

Basic Facilities And Amenities

Basic Facilities And Amenities in school
First and foremost we will look at the classrooms which should be large, spacious, adequately lit, well ventilated, equipped with comfortable seating arrangements, have lockers for learners, interactive whiteboards, projectors, soft boards and generally exude positive vibes.

We shall also look at the satisfactorily stocked Library and a playing ground or sports field. IT and Science Labs too should be in place. These are the most vital.

A suitably located canteen serving hot, delicious and nutritious food is a must in any good school. Almost all schools have a doctor on call, a qualified nurse among their staff members and a well equipped Learner Care Centre for any kind of emergencies.

Sports And Performing Arts Programme, Extracurricular Activities, School Clubs And Trips

Sports And Performing Arts Programme, Extracurricular Activities, School Clubs And Trips
Modern schools offer structured Sports, Literary and Cultural Programmes along with varied opportunities for Community Service which lead to an all-round development of the learners.

Day field trips and excursions, overnight stays and sightseeing cum learning holidays within the country and internationally are quite the norm.

Some enriching events like MUNs (Model United Nations) and EUMIND (Europe Meets India) exchange are also being organized and promoted in schools.

Choice Of Boards And Good Academic Record

Most good schools also have enviable academic accomplishments. They have a 100% pass record for board exam candidates. They may have board exam toppers overall and in various subjects.

While this may not be the only factor, it is one of the most substantial when we are deliberating about selecting the appropriate school.


One of the aspects that should be topmost in our minds is the faculty. A school should have expert, trained and accredited educators who have experience and are passionate about their profession.

Here the educator-student ratio should also be taken into account. The educator is a friend, philosopher, and guide to her/his learners. She/he is the substitute parent during school hours.

An educator’s abilities, skill sets, knowledge, and enthusiasm are the cornerstone of a learner’s success. If we really want a good school for our child, let us look at the faculty in the school.

Right from the Head of the school, the Principal, to the Resource staff (who deal with children with Special Education Needs – SEN – as many schools are now inclusive). Committed teachers can take the learning beyond the curriculum and prepare students to face the challenges of life.One should also identify various learning styles in children.

So next time you go school hunting, keep this crucial checklist handy. You can look into its various aspects when considering any school for your child.

If you find a school that fulfills our list 100%, mission accomplished! Even if 75% of the criteria is fulfilled then you can heave a sigh of relief. Hope this article helps you in finding the best-suited school for your child. All the very best!

Written by Ms Naghma Shaikh
AS Level English Language Teacher –
JBCN International, Borivali

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