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How To Prepare Students For Exams or Assessments Step-By-Step

We tend to think of exams as an end goal, rather than just a red light, which enables you to take stock of what you’ve learned, ensuring that you are on the track. It is crucial to stop associating words such as stress and anxiety with exams and approach it with calmness and confidence. Let’s discuss How To Prepare For Assessments, which will surely make your Assessment Week much easier. A few things that will enable you to do that are:

1. Getting Enough Sleep

how to prepare students for exams Almost any of man’s problems can be resolved with a good sleep. During assessment times, it is important for the children to sleep well days prior to the assessment and especially well on the night before the assessment. Sleeping for less than 7-8 hours reduces alertness and negatively impacts mental performance. What’s more, sleep deprivation during exam days can also lead to a phenomenon called ‘blanking out’ which means that a student can completely forget the study material during the examination. This is one of the best tips on How To Prepare For Assessments.

2. Studying Smart

It’s true that hard work is the key to success but success is also possible with smart work. Studying smart means to utilise your time and efforts in the best possible way! Make a list of all the important things to be learnt before an examination, in the order of importance, so you can get start studying with the most important concepts first. Prepare a timetable with appropriate time slots for studying and resting as that helps you to stay on track with the time and the portion.

3. Visualising Success

Being confident before an exam greatly improves performance. So, visualise yourself taking the tests and performing well in them. This helps to boost your confidence level and allows you to perform to the best of your capabilities. The visualising technique also helps you remember information! You can use techniques such as memory palace or use a very vivid and creative imagination in order to remember any information! Visualisation as a technique for studying is very effective and allows you to remember information easily, thus, reducing stress during exams. This is one of the best tips on How To Prepare For Assessments.

4. Exercising

how to prepare for assessments Another effective way to deal with exam or daily stress is exercising. Exercising or engaging in any physical sport clears your mind and makes you happy, thus reducing stress. The various symptoms of stress such as illness, frustration, depression, etc. can also be overcome through regular exercise. It is a great way to provide the body with some activity while at the same time relaxing your mind.

5. Avoiding Procrastination

As you keep delaying work, more work tends to get piled up causing stress especially when there is a time deficit. Repeated procrastination can have a negative impact on health and sleep quality in the long run. It’s important to get out of this habit at a young age to avoid carrying it into adulthood. There are many ways you can overcome procrastination. This is one of the best tips on How To Prepare For Assessments.

6. Listening To Music

Listening To Music The benefits of listening to soothing music are endless and one of them is decreasing the stress levels. Good music can calm your mind, lower blood pressure and help you deal with anxiety or stress. Listening to classical music while studying also improves concentration levels!

7. Meditation

how to prepare students for standardized assessments Meditation has proved to be one of the best ways to relieve anxiety and stress. Mediation and yoga affects the body in the opposite way that stress does i.e. by triggering the body’s relaxation response. It is possible to melt away stress by learning how to meditate and incorporating it into the daily life. In the long run, meditation also allows you to stay calm at all times and find your way through problems and situations in a more composed manner. This is one of the best tips on How To Prepare For Assessments.

8. Spending Time With Your Family And Friends

Spending time with family and friends gives a person a sense of belongingness. The social support plays an important role in helping people cope up with stress during difficult times. A study showed that a person with a smaller and a less supportive social group is prone to more stress and anxiety. Social media has further aggravated the stress levels in people’s lives due to not having ‘picture perfect’ friends, memories, and lives. Thus, spending time with your family and friends and having real human connections helps to overcome stress and have a positive outlook on life and responsibilities.

9. Doing Yoga

A regular yoga routine helps to deal better with anxiety that may be there. Along with other forms of exercise, yoga is also said to impact the mental health of people. Yoga is working ‘in’ rather than working ‘out’ which means it first focuses on improving the mental health and then affects the physical health. Thus, yoga on a daily basis helps you to deal with stress and a variety of other mental barriers that are in your way from performing your best. This is one of the best tips on How To Prepare For Assessments.

10. Reducing Caffeine Intake

Caffeine is a stimulant found in energy drinks and coffee. A high intake of caffeine increases the level of anxiety in a person. Many people drink coffee at night to stay awake, however, they should consume it with caution as consuming high amounts of caffeine can get you addicted to it and make you more anxious. Instead of having herbal beverages or juices can have a refreshing effect without any side effects.

If we change our approach to exams, ensuring that the atmosphere at home is supportive and encouraging, words such as stress and anxiety will no longer be associated with exams. When the children do feel the burden practising some of the above techniques will definitely have a positive impact.


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